F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page will answer the questions that a lot of people ask me about myself or my art. It will be updated often as more of the same questions flood my emails and social media feeds. So if you are thinking about asking a question please check here first to see if someone's already asked it. Thanks!

Q: What do you use for white ink on the #cardBOREDsketches that you do?
A: I use a variety of pens that range from Pentel's White Gel Ink Pen to the White Acrylic Paint Marker by Montana. I sometimes use crayons too because...why not?
Q: Is this for sale?
A: All the #cardBOREDsketches I put on my Instagram and Twitter are for sale. If there are any that you are interested in, you can email me at wheniwaslittle@gmail.com.

Q: What type of paper do you use for your #cardBOREDsketches? 
A: I don't use paper for the #cardBOREDsketches, I use a chip board that has been cut down to the 3x5 index card size. You can find at any shipping products store/warehouse...to the internets!

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