Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cincy ComiCon and WW Ohio 2013: sketches

Hi all,

I recently went to two great comic conventions. I noticed that ever since I've put more product on the table, I really don't sketch up a storm and conventions like I've done in the past. I'm not complaining but it's a different pace for me at the show. I'm a lot calmer and not as panicked with having to shell out 60 different convention sketches in a day. So now when I get a sketch request, it's a real treat for me and I've been doing them on cardBORED cause it's been my form of paper for months now. The first five are from the Wizard World Ohio and the last five are from the Cincy ComiCon. ENJOY! Oh and if you don't follow me on twitter or Instagram, you should. I post all my sketches I do at shows or at home on there. Also LOTS of pictures of food. (sorry in advance)

Dan Con Comic Con 2014

Hi all,

One of the first comic shows I will be attending at the start of 2014 is DAN CON in Orland Park, IL. The is put together by Decapitated Dan and his lovely wife, the Phoenix personified Amy Royer.

Dan asked me to put together the show's poster and with a little Photoshop effects assist from Dan, here's what we came up with. If you are a comic artist looking to book shows for your 2014 schedule, I suggest you click on the poster and register to be part of this great show!