Saturday, April 07, 2012

Omega Comics Presents

Hi all,

Just another a week until c2e2!  I hope you guys come out and support the show.  It gets bigger every year.  I have been pretty busy and it feels like I haven't slowed down, I have a multitude of projects coming out.  From campaigning Heart, to Playing the Alphabet, and this:  Omega Comics Presents: Bluetick & Redbone
The second volume of Pop! Goes the Icon's  flagship anthology series, Omega Comics Presents, debuts on May 9.  It will mark the first time in the series' history that it will be in full color!  The feature-length cover story by Alex De-Gruchy and mpMann entitled, "In Good Spirits", is about two thieves caught in the middle of a double cross involving the world's rarest bottles of whiskey.

In the back-up story, "Down Time" tells the story of Dev Bivens, a super-powered mercenary know as the Devastator who is down on his luck and out-of-demand.  Written by Russell Lissau (Reading With Pictures, The Batman Strikes, Strawberry Shortcake) with story art by yours truly!

I was truly honored that Russell asked me to illustrate his story for this upcoming issue.  It was really fun and an education in comics.  I learned a lot from him and I really pushed myself to make it great.  I hope that there are more Devastator stories in the future.  You can pre-order yours here:

I will also have some to sell at Summit City in May!

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