Wednesday, April 25, 2012

c2e2 2012: swag

Here are a few AMAZING items I picked up from c2e2 2012 this year.  Usually I go all out and just spend tons of money on all kinds of awesomeness.  However, I am starting to put most of my convention earnings away and have been limiting what I buy. 

First up is Desmond's Big Book: One by Joe Foo

This collects 137 strips of Desmond's Comic by Joe Foo.  Desmond is a wolverine and star of one of the most popular children's video games series in history.  This massive book comes with creator commentary, guest artist pin ups (including one by me!), concept sketches, and much more.  Check this book out it is every bit as hilarious as the man who writes and illustrates it. 

Next we have The Redeemers Issue 3 by Eric Rampson and Wil Brendel put out by Lonely Robot Comics.  The Redeemers tells the story of a punk rock band that also moonlights as a demon fighting, super hero team.  The humor and action are blended so nicely you are constantly entertained.  It's bizarre and wicked in that really good way that makes you love comics and storytelling.  I love this book.

House of the Wolfman and Bride of the Wolfman are put out by Dave Gruba and Rene Castellano of Instant Press Comics.  These books tell the tales AFTER Little Red Riding Hood.  These books take the children's story and turned it into a bizarre and fun husband and wife sitcom.  It's like Everybody Loves Raymond...but funnier and more awesome.

Jim Henson's Tale of Sand illustrated by Ramon Perez 

Archaia puts out fantastic books.  They got the permission of The Henson Company to produce the lost screenplay of Jim Henson as a graphic novel.  It is stunning.  I haven't read it yet, but flipping through the pages, they are full of inspiration.  It's beautiful and we got to meet Ramon Perez who talked about the "audition" process he went through to get the gig.  He deserved it. Every panel and every page is just wonderfully crafted. 

Speaking of Archaia our table neighbor at the show was Royden Lepp, who has a book out called Rust.  Rust is a high-octane adventure set in the prairie lands of an unknown time. Life on the Taylor family farm was difficult enough before Jet Jones crashes into the barn, chased by a giant decommissioned war robot!  It sounds amazing and am meaning to pick up a copy soon.  He was very friendly and offered up a lot of convention tips with product inventory.  He was kind enough to contribute to Nicole's Mulan sketch book with this fantastic piece:

Contributing to my TMNT sketch book is the always awesome Joe Dunn who's strip, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, has been my go-to for really funny and in-depth movie you get a kick ass comic with each one!  I've guest-posted on his website with a few strip ideas of my own and he has really dug what I've done.  I am constantly retweeting him and sending new viewers his way because he is such a great guy and makes one of the best web comics around!  He did this awesome Casey Jones for me on the last day of the show:

He also created these two fantastic posters of a zombie Fozzy Bear and a Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.  These are definitely going up in my studio...when I make room...or you know, move out.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Omega Comics Presents

Hi all,

Just another a week until c2e2!  I hope you guys come out and support the show.  It gets bigger every year.  I have been pretty busy and it feels like I haven't slowed down, I have a multitude of projects coming out.  From campaigning Heart, to Playing the Alphabet, and this:  Omega Comics Presents: Bluetick & Redbone
The second volume of Pop! Goes the Icon's  flagship anthology series, Omega Comics Presents, debuts on May 9.  It will mark the first time in the series' history that it will be in full color!  The feature-length cover story by Alex De-Gruchy and mpMann entitled, "In Good Spirits", is about two thieves caught in the middle of a double cross involving the world's rarest bottles of whiskey.

In the back-up story, "Down Time" tells the story of Dev Bivens, a super-powered mercenary know as the Devastator who is down on his luck and out-of-demand.  Written by Russell Lissau (Reading With Pictures, The Batman Strikes, Strawberry Shortcake) with story art by yours truly!

I was truly honored that Russell asked me to illustrate his story for this upcoming issue.  It was really fun and an education in comics.  I learned a lot from him and I really pushed myself to make it great.  I hope that there are more Devastator stories in the future.  You can pre-order yours here:

I will also have some to sell at Summit City in May!