Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Characters with Heart pt. 2

We are back with another look at the character design for my upcoming book, Heart.  Where we last left off, you were introduced to L.B., one of my main characters in the story.  Today you will have your first look at Thump. Thump is spirited, always happy, and always awesome.  His name not only reflects what he is but it reminds me of a lost boy from Peter Pan.  He's been really fun to paint especially opposite the L.B. character.

Here are some initial sketches I did before landing on the water color look to the book.  I decided that since Thump was going to play opposite L.B., his look needed to feel regular.  Not bland but what a heart should be, yet still invoke the bigger personality and free spirit I gave him in the book.  The one thing you'll notice too is that he doesn't have an extension of a body like the L.B. character.  His face and body are one in the same hence the arms and legs coming directly from his head.  One thing I also made sure to do was make one eye larger than the other, but keep them circles and avoid using white around the eyes unless I really need to send a clear message for what he's feeling.  That became tricky but I think I pulled his facial expressions down without adding too much to the eyes.  Nice and simple.

When I got down to coloring him with the paints he needed to be filled with color.  So I went heavy with the red.  It's a lot easier coloring Thump than L.B. because he is that red.  I found out that the watercolor paint dries into a different shade when it's wet.  So when I am trying to reach that blue tone for L.B. I have to make sure I don't go overboard with the blue because it will dry a lot darker than I want.  Laying on the thick red for Thump make his tone darker.  I learned to play with the paint when I first lay it down to give it depth and more form so it's not just a flat color like when I was producing the sketches with the felt tip pens.

Here's the final look for Thump and probably the last page I will tease as I start working on the covers and working on the text pages.  I will also be developing some promotional art and campaign goodies if I do decide to go live with this via kickstarter.  I will let you know on that progress.  Either way my goal is to have this book in your hands!

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