Monday, January 09, 2012

A look into the new!

It's a new year and I plan to make it a great one!  A while back I had this idea for a cute story.  A love story.  I got into the development process early.  I think I even mentioned it a few times on this very blog without really revealing a single thing.  I would talk about how it was not a WIWL story and I was trying new things with this book to help me develop as an artist.

I ran into problems where I was getting ahead of myself.  I was already thinking about how it was going to get printed when I didn't have anything to print.  I worried a lot about the end result, how well it would be received and if it would take me an arm and leg to produce.  I was thinking of who I could pitch it to, what publishers should I submit it to and if it's good enough to get accepted.  I got so caught up on the business end of making a book that the creative process never really got to shine.  So I refocused and just started making pages. I really dug what I was doing and I was nervous about it but in that excited way.  It was a different kind of story using different tools to tell it.  Then something truly amazing happened.

WIWL started to really find it's legs and I had such strong ideas for the series that I didn't want to slow down it's momentum.  I created When You Were Little and Coloring When I Was Little.  My convention appearances doubled and I got to meet with so many great comic and book creators.  I sat amongst some truly amazing artists.  Artists that I admire.  I chatted with kids who have read the books and really liked them.  I got a chance to develop a kid's drawing program based on the series.

All the while I had this little book in the back of my mind.  I never lost interest in it and I was a bit sad that I put it on the back burner for so long.  I decided as this year was coming to an end that I would finish this book.  I will worry about how I can get it out to the world, to you, when that time comes.  For now, I want to pick up where I left off and just finish making the pages. 

So here is a look at my new book.  It's called Heart.

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