Friday, January 20, 2012

Hearty Inspiration

Since the debut of the first teaser page for Heart.  I've been asked if the story is about Nicole and I.  The answer to that question is no.  Ok I'll admit that there is some inspiration / influence from her especially through it's last variations on the story but I've had this idea way before Nicole and I got together.  The earliest version of the story dates back to 2007 where it was barely a written story and just an idea about love and acceptance.  These ideas even date back further to when I was in high school.  Themes surrounding the book came from the feelings I felt of being separated from everyone and a bit lost with who I was as a young teenager.  I was just looking for the right outlet and right way to tell the story and it wasn't until later when I decided to write children's books that this simple idea started to become something.  So no the book is not about Nicole but its driven with a creativity that she can only spark. 

I like to draw / doodle in the cards I give Nicole for anniversaries, holidays, Tuesdays, or what have you.  Here is a doodle I did for her just after we started dating. It sort of was the genesis for the character(s) and the look of the book.  It would take me some more stabs at nailing down the design before deciding to go with water colors.  Cool, right?

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