Monday, October 17, 2011

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

So over the past couple years I've grown very fond of web comics.  So much so that I've begun production on an absurd idea for a web comic of my own.  (more on that later...much, much later.)

Among the bunch I follow,  Joe Loves Crappy Movies was one of the first strips I absolutely fell in love with.  For starters it was hilarious and secondly it was about movies and the movie-goers experience.  It's really a fantastic way to read movie reviews with a slice of funny drawn in.  I got a chance to meet Joe at a convention a couple of years ago and he sold me on the title alone.  You should pick up his first volume which is out right now: 

I wondered if he ever had people to do guest strips for his site so I checked back in the archives and did notice a few.  I kindly tweeted:

Woo! Nic and I received some advance screen passes for 50/50.  I really enjoyed the film and thought this would be a perfect movie to do a guest strip to.  It wasn't crappy as you will read in my review but there was something in the blending of a drama AND comedy about cancer that I found so appealing.  Well earlier in the evening Joe sent out this tweet:

Sooo what are you waiting for?  click the tweet!

Big thanks to Joe for letting me add to his massive collection of amazing movie reviews!

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