Sunday, October 02, 2011

Detroit Fanfare 2011: swag

Here are some of the great things I picked up from Detroit Fanfare!

Our table location for the Fanfare was great.  We were slightly to the right of the entrance up near the front.  The great thing about the layout was that they put the Artist Alley right up the front.  Another amazing thing was that crew and I were seated right next to the great Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop and the now unleashed Bearmageddon web comic.

He was a great table neighbor and was nice enough to talk to me about working with his little brother on Axe Cop as well as the genesis of Bearmageddon.  I picked up a Axe Cop TPB for my cousin as well as Ethan's sketchbooks.  They are incredible so I suggest you get your hands on them.

Nicole has been a fan of Eric Adams' Lackluster World and has been anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the series.  She picked up a copy of issue 7, the last in the series as well as his signature on the issue.  It's so good we couldn't wait for the trade...but who knows if Adams throws in enough behind the scenes content I'm sure we'll pick the trade.

Another big thing for us was that Nicole started her Mulan sketch book with her first drawing done by the always amazing Art Baltazar.  He has been so nice to us the past few cons and I even did a Free Comic Book Days signing at Dreamland Comics earlier this year.  We also picked up one of his DC Super Pets children's books, the Midway Monkey Madness featuring Beppo.

The highlight for me was meeting Kevin Eastman.  I waited in line for about 2 and a half hours.  Missing most of Saturday at my table (which was ok as I made up for sales all day Sunday).  I was able to get issues of the new TMNT series signed as well getting some sketch cards done of two of my favorite characters:  Casey Jones and Krang.

I didn't spend that much this year seeing as the sales were a little slow.  But it was made up for by artist and fan interaction.  It was a really great time and I look forward to getting more swag on the next show!

Lastly,  the amazing Mike Roll put out another Apooka book that we just had to have!  This time, Apooka is at the Zombie Slumber Party!  Pick this one up kids, it's super awesome!

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