Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mid Ohio Con 2011: sketches

Here are some of the sketches I did this weekend at MOC.

Mid Ohio Con 2011: swag

Here are some of the items Nic and I picked up at Mid Ohio Con this year.

In post con wrap up, I had mentioned meeting Steve Harpster and Barry Deutsch

Steve Harpster is the creator of Drawing Animals with Numbers books as well as several others over here at his Studio Harpster.

These books are phenomenal and I got to chance to talk to Steve about his projects as well as the many school visits he does and children's workshops.  Amazing stuff here, I picked up a set of books for myself and for my niece (but really for me buahaha).  I suggest you check them out and if you work for a school or library maybe you can drop him a line and set up a visit for your kids!

I was heading down the aisles packed with people when Barry Deutsch's book caught my eye.  I made a mental note to grab Nicole and stop by his table.  His book, Hereville sold us on his pitch alone: Hereville is a comic book about an 11-year-old troll-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl.  How could you not want to pick up this book?  We got to chat with Barry on evolutions of the book and about wanting to write about his culture.  Click to check out more about Barry and his multi-award nominated graphic novel, Hereville.

I am a big fan of the Kirkman's super hero series Invincible.  Over the course of reading all 6 Ultimate Editions this past summer, I fell in love with Ryan Ottley's amazing artwork.  The man can draw violence…with ease.  Every thrown punch, bashed face, ripped limb, hits a nerve in your body when you see it.  It's exhilarating.  His cityscapes and out of this world environments are breathtaking.  If I had enough room in my bag I would've brought all the Ultimate Editions with me to get signed.  Instead I picked up his insane art book, Violence and Pinwheels.  I didn't bother him for a sketch cause I knew he was pretty backed up but I do hope to get a sketch by him for my TMNT art book.

Speaking of my TMNT art book.  I added some new additions at this con.  First up, I had Lora Innes of The Dreamer fame and the great PaperWings Podcast do my very first April O'Neal.  It seriously floored me and I was happy to know she was honored that I asked her to draw April as she was a huge fan of her growing up.

I also got my first Splinter in the book done by the hilarious John Schweiker.  I could not stop laughing when he showed me what he did with the old sensei.  It's too funny.   Check out more of John's amazing work on his deviant art page.

I also picked up this 8-bit print of our heroes in the half shell by Victor Dandridge.  I cannot wait to get this sucker in a frame.  It's awesome and I'm glad I got one before they sold out…again. It's seriously frickin' awesome.  You have to check out more of his 8-bit creations.  They are incredible!

 Well that's it for this con's swag!  Until next time folks!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

So over the past couple years I've grown very fond of web comics.  So much so that I've begun production on an absurd idea for a web comic of my own.  (more on that later...much, much later.)

Among the bunch I follow,  Joe Loves Crappy Movies was one of the first strips I absolutely fell in love with.  For starters it was hilarious and secondly it was about movies and the movie-goers experience.  It's really a fantastic way to read movie reviews with a slice of funny drawn in.  I got a chance to meet Joe at a convention a couple of years ago and he sold me on the title alone.  You should pick up his first volume which is out right now: 

I wondered if he ever had people to do guest strips for his site so I checked back in the archives and did notice a few.  I kindly tweeted:

Woo! Nic and I received some advance screen passes for 50/50.  I really enjoyed the film and thought this would be a perfect movie to do a guest strip to.  It wasn't crappy as you will read in my review but there was something in the blending of a drama AND comedy about cancer that I found so appealing.  Well earlier in the evening Joe sent out this tweet:

Sooo what are you waiting for?  click the tweet!

Big thanks to Joe for letting me add to his massive collection of amazing movie reviews!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Li'l Depressed Boy Issue 6

So, this is kind of cool.  I've boasted many times about how great  S. Steven Struble and Sina Grace's Li'l Depressed Boy which is put out by Image Comics.

I liked it so much I had to send out an email and a bit of fan art:


I recently bought the trade paperback and loved all the sketch work and behind the scenes on how
Li'l Depressed Boy has come to be.  I am a writer/illustrator of my own children's books entitled When I Was Little and am currently finishing up the fourth volume.  I hope you guys can take the time to check it out.  Anyhoo, I am a big fan of Li'l Depressed Boy and loved seeing all the homage movie covers for the individual issues. In honor of that, I have done an LDB cover inspired by one of my favorite films...which I believe LDB would love watching too.  I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for bringing LDB to us.  It's a great book and a great read!

I've never really sent out a fan email before but I appreciated the work so much I just had to let the creators know.  So not long after I got a response from S. Steven Struble, the writer of LDB and it blew my mind!


Great job, man.  It's now my iPhone lock-screen, and it's going in the letters section of issue #5.  I am completely in love with this, and hate myself for not coming up with it myself.  This would have a good variant cover if we were to get another printing on an issue!  Haha.

Love it.  Seriously.

Will check out your site in more depth after I've completed issue 5.

Thank you so much!
S. Steven Struble

Holy crap right?  Well it got better as a few days later I received another email from Steven and in the tail end of he asked me this:
We would like to invite you to draw an official full-page pin-up for a future issue.  Are you interested?

Say whaaaaa? Seriously,  how cool is that?  So I jumped at the chance and came up with this:

It was hard to nab a copy of the issue when it came out cause it sold out quick!  But my local comic shop had one issue left and was so excited to nab it!

And what did Struble thing of the piece?

So I say again....this is kind of cool....right?

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Detroit Fanfare 2011: swag

Here are some of the great things I picked up from Detroit Fanfare!

Our table location for the Fanfare was great.  We were slightly to the right of the entrance up near the front.  The great thing about the layout was that they put the Artist Alley right up the front.  Another amazing thing was that crew and I were seated right next to the great Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop and the now unleashed Bearmageddon web comic.

He was a great table neighbor and was nice enough to talk to me about working with his little brother on Axe Cop as well as the genesis of Bearmageddon.  I picked up a Axe Cop TPB for my cousin as well as Ethan's sketchbooks.  They are incredible so I suggest you get your hands on them.

Nicole has been a fan of Eric Adams' Lackluster World and has been anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the series.  She picked up a copy of issue 7, the last in the series as well as his signature on the issue.  It's so good we couldn't wait for the trade...but who knows if Adams throws in enough behind the scenes content I'm sure we'll pick the trade.

Another big thing for us was that Nicole started her Mulan sketch book with her first drawing done by the always amazing Art Baltazar.  He has been so nice to us the past few cons and I even did a Free Comic Book Days signing at Dreamland Comics earlier this year.  We also picked up one of his DC Super Pets children's books, the Midway Monkey Madness featuring Beppo.

The highlight for me was meeting Kevin Eastman.  I waited in line for about 2 and a half hours.  Missing most of Saturday at my table (which was ok as I made up for sales all day Sunday).  I was able to get issues of the new TMNT series signed as well getting some sketch cards done of two of my favorite characters:  Casey Jones and Krang.

I didn't spend that much this year seeing as the sales were a little slow.  But it was made up for by artist and fan interaction.  It was a really great time and I look forward to getting more swag on the next show!

Lastly,  the amazing Mike Roll put out another Apooka book that we just had to have!  This time, Apooka is at the Zombie Slumber Party!  Pick this one up kids, it's super awesome!