Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Detroit Fanfare 2011: sketches

Here are some of the sketches from this past weekend's Fanfare!  Such a great time, enjoy!

Story City Festival 2011: sketches

In my post Story City wrap up, I talked a little about sketchin' people's stories.  Basically what would happen is people would get a chance to tell me a story either of someone they know or of when they were little.  After that, I would sit and take a few minutes to sketch out an image for them.  I felt it was a way for them to feel like they were part of the festival.  It was like my custom Signature Prints I do but more on the spot.  So here's some of what I did that day:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SPX 2011: swag

So this morning, I talked about the greatness that was SPX on the book's blog.  I also showed you some sketches I did on here.  Right now, I want to show you the sweet swag I bought at the show.  I usually try to do this with all the conventions I attend just to share my taste and really showcase the books and items that stood out to me.  I love pimping other peoples' stuff and I will be providing links to art websites and the books I've picked up.  You know, share the awesome-ness and what not.  I want to try and do this more with other things like web-comics I read and artists I follow.  That way you can read up on all the things I love and are currently shaping me as an artist.  So, on with the swag:

One of the first things that caught my eye was the Top Shelf booth.  I love the books they put out and hope to one day (fingers crossed) have one of my ideas brought to you by them.  I am a big fan of Jeffrey Brown's  autobiographical comics.  They are drawn with honesty and are so heartfelt.  Whenever I read them, I think about my life, what I've done, and where I want to go, and what I to do with my life's stories.  I added to my collection: 

Any Easy Intimacy: AEIOU and Un-deleted Scenes.

Any Empire.

Two years ago at S.P.A.C.E. Con I picked Nate Powell's Swallow Me Whole and it blew me away in terms of storytelling and his line work.  I got a chance this weekend to look at some of his original art and it's so...perfect.  Beautifully constructed.  I picked up his follow up, Any Empire, and grabbed a signature and a TMNT sketch for my book.  He's really great to talk to at a convention and really makes you feel comfortable when you ask him a question about his art and his books.  I can't wait to start reading this book.  It looks and sounds incredible.

Lastly from Top Shelf, Craig Thompson was doing a signing and panel about his work and his upcoming project, Habibi, which he had exclusive advanced copies for at $100 bucks a pop!  (Dammmmmn)  Nicole and I love Blankets and how intimate it was and how fantastic his ink work is on those pages.  It was such a personal story and he put it out there.  My awesome and wonderful girlfriend waited in line for me (I was hacking away at my sketch-list) and got our copy of Blankets signed and stamped.

Sketched Comedy, Luke Holds Off: a love & sex story, and Bands.

One thing that stood out and caught my eye was the three books of Jeremy Nguyen.  Mostly the book, Luke Holds Off because of the sweet wrap around cover.  I really dig stuff like that.  So I asked him to tell me a little about his books and they sounded great.  I also dig the fact that he's a stand-up comedian and works his art into his gigs (Sketched Comedy).  He was nice enough to do a TMNT sketch for me as we talked about our respective art projects.  If you get a chance visit his website: http://www.jeremywinslife.com/

Zombie In Love

Nicole's pick of the show is a children's book written by Kelly DiPucchio and drawn by the amazing Scott CampbellWe got to meet Scott and he was nice enough to talk about his art and his venture into children's illustrations.  Later on I wo!ld find out he worked on the incredible video games Psychonauts and Brutal Legend!  Jack Black wrote the forward for his upcoming art book, Amazing Everything.

And lastly, pick up a copy of Draw Sucka Draw's  Messed Up Fairy Tales 3!  Cause it's got great people in it: Joe Foo, Kelly Tierney, Mike Roll...and ME!

Well that is for now.  It's a lot to take in...but take the time to go through the links I put up and if you're interested, pick these books up.  They are all great!

Till next time!

SPX 2011: sketches

Here are some of the sketches I did from the SPX show this past weekend:

To hear all about the show, go to the book's blog: here!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

SPX a go!

Hello! I took a break from conventions this month to pick up some side work and catch up on my commission list. I decided not to attend some August shows as I have booked some pretty big ones in September and October. Working most of the summer getting Coloring finished and the big shows in Louisville and Fort Wayne, I needed the break.

With that being said, break's over! We are gearing up in September with my first big show of the fall, SPX! Which will mark the first time I'm flying to attend a con. Nic and I are super excited.

I will be joining Joe Foo, Mike Roll, Kelly Tierney and the Draw Sucka Draw crew! My cousin also lives out there so we turned it into mini "workcation" where we can spend some time with him before and after the show.

Here's the show info: