Monday, February 14, 2011


I've been so occupied with commissions, books, and projects, that I didn't even realize I hadn't pick up a new sketchbook. (shame on you artist!) But I found these groovy cardboard index cards at work and have been drawing on them lately. I've posted some of them on twitter with the hashtag #cardboardsketch. Here are some of the ones I did recently...

set 1:

set 2:

I have at least 6 or so of these cards left and I do sketch front and back on them. After that, it's back to the ole' sketchbooks. To prevent this from happening I bought 3 brand new 6x6 sketchbooks today from Hob Lob. (That's Nicole speak for Hobby Lobby)

It's been quite a busy month with the upcoming c2e2 convention in March. But I got a good head start on that by finishing all the new prints I'll be bringing with me at the show. Hopefully admist all the crazy I can find some time to post a sketch or two on here.