Monday, September 27, 2010

Art Jam Session 2: Western

I had another art jam with some of my buddies and this session's focus was western. I started out drawing some regular cowboy heads but wasn't really feeling it creatively. It wasn't until I did this doodle of a cactus playin' cowboy that I really started to have fun with it. I ended up with a lizard and a vulture all donning some cowboy attire. I think I'll play around with these character designs more and really nail a design I like with them. I can see them all playing a part of a larger world...hey maybe I got a wild west kind of book in me. There's a story here...I feel it.

Some really great ideas came from this past Sunday's meet. We discussed about what to do with these doodles and really set some goals for what we want to achieve and evolve as artists and storytellers. So let's hope we can build up some momentum out of these beta sessions and really produce something unique.

Happy Sketching!

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