Monday, August 23, 2010

Wizard World 2010 swag

Nic and I hit up Wizard World 2010 on Sunday. We didn't attend this year because I had some other Cons I wanted to do instead. It was cool to walk around and check out all the sweet deals. Nic and I definitely got our money's worth...and they got ours. We walked away with some sweet stuff and at half the price too! Check it out:

After years and years, I finally own a copy of Craig Thompson's Blankets!

Nic and I pretty much raided the Top Shelf table and we each picked up two books. I picked up Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown and BB Wolf and the Tree LPs written by JD Arnold, who was nice enough to sign my copy.

Nic picked Too Cool to be Forgotten by Alex Robinson and Jeffrey Brown's Funny Misshapen Body. (Their last copy!)

We also picked up buttons from Jake Rueth and I got my TMNT cards and new Joker button from the always awesome J Brant!

After unloading our purchases I was able to transfer my buttons on to my new messenger bag that I bought a couple weeks ago at Target. Looking good...(and nerdy *sigh).

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Aireen said...

Love the buttons and your messenger bag! Awesome, awesome. :D You rock your nerdiness with pride, yo!