Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kali Ma Shakti de

I've been watching the Indiana Jones trilogy all this week. (yeah I said trilogy...none of this alien skull, shia labouf swining on trees crap) I must say that Temple of Doom is my favorite and I know majority of people I discuss these films with absolutely hate this movie. But much like Kevin Smith's Mallrats, this was my lead in film to the rest of the trilogy. Also it has Short Round (every asian kid growing up looked like him...including me) and this dude:

Oh and the chilled monkey brains scene! Come on, what's not to love. Anyways this one's my favorite. Which one is yours?


Jas said...

covaa yo haaat indy

Druv said...

How is you picture related to Mother Goddess Kali?

Are you portraying a Goddess to be evil?

What exactly are you doing here?