Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Jam Session 1: Supers

Yesterday my friends and I got together for an art jam. We organized this little event to catch up and to keep us crazy kids drawing. The idea is to work on more original concepts and have some real sit down time to chill and draw.

Personally as I got older, I had less time to just draw for fun. I got so busy with day to day life things I lost that quality time with good friends, a pad of paper, and a pencil.

We set out a theme for each session just to give a direction of where to go and what to draw to help us improve our skills as concept artists.

This character I whipped up was the primary focus of my sketch session yesterday. I would call him The Porker and he has an oven mitt type glove that deals out his pig punchin' power. I also thought it'd be funny if every time he punched some one it said "Oink!" instead of "Bam!" or "Pow!"

Although I ended up focusing on a single character this time around, I am happy with the result. I look forward to the next session to really just let loose and let the pencil do the thinking.

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Aireen said...

That's amazing, Justin! I miss having the time to draw and be silly with random concepts that come to mind. That definitely comes with allowing the mind to wander without inhibition or judgment from outside or within. You have inspired me to go back to basics and keep myself creative for ME - not just clients (as wonderful as they are. ^_^). Keep on jammin'! We want to see more.