Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with brush: Machete

I was testing some paper thickness today with my brush pen and did this image of Machete's Danny Trejo. The result is that the paper I bought can withstand my brush pen as long as I don't soak the paper with ink. However if I lay some prisma markers or sharpie ink on it, it'll bleed right through.

On a site note: I'm super excited to see this movie and am hoping to catch a sneak on Wednesday. I've been sending my girlfriend trailers and clips to prepare herself for the cinematic experience that is Danny Trejo! LOL

Also after inking this, I threw it into photoshop and did a quick color job on it, I think the shade makes it look more like Trejo:

Off to bed!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Jam Session 1: Supers

Yesterday my friends and I got together for an art jam. We organized this little event to catch up and to keep us crazy kids drawing. The idea is to work on more original concepts and have some real sit down time to chill and draw.

Personally as I got older, I had less time to just draw for fun. I got so busy with day to day life things I lost that quality time with good friends, a pad of paper, and a pencil.

We set out a theme for each session just to give a direction of where to go and what to draw to help us improve our skills as concept artists.

This character I whipped up was the primary focus of my sketch session yesterday. I would call him The Porker and he has an oven mitt type glove that deals out his pig punchin' power. I also thought it'd be funny if every time he punched some one it said "Oink!" instead of "Bam!" or "Pow!"

Although I ended up focusing on a single character this time around, I am happy with the result. I look forward to the next session to really just let loose and let the pencil do the thinking.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Week

I drew some game characters this week on legal pad with sharpies, pens, and know to pass the time. Enjoy Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, Mario, and Sonic!

Monday, August 23, 2010

TMNT: the sketchbook

So with the decision to not attend Wizard World as an artist, I really got a chance to get my art geek on. I've posted pictures in the past of people who have asked me to do a sketch in their very own artist sketchbook. It's really a genius idea and makes for a great souvenir and or present.

Basically the idea (for anyone who hasn't a clue what the F I'm talking aboot) is that you buy a blank sketchbook and bring it with you to the cons and have various artist do sketches in it. It can be a completely random sketchbook or you can have one dedicated to your favorite comic character. Then as you fill it up you get all these wonderful renditions of one character in a nice completed art book and its great to flip through and look at all the interesting interpretations and styles. I think I did an Aqua-Man book and a Yoda book for some people last year.

So now that that's out of the way, I decided that I would start one but I didn't want to do something completely "generic" like a Superman (even though I'm going to get one of those started too) or a I decided to go with a property that I loved since childhood, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh yeah...that's right.

So here are the first few sketches in my TMNT book that I will probably be carrying with me to every convention from now on until it's filled up with amazing artwork.

1. Art Baltazar

2. Mike Roll

3. Wil Brendel

4. Mike Boldt

I was so shellshocked by this TMNT art explosion I did some quick sharpie and pen warm-ups. Enjoy!!!

Wizard World 2010 swag

Nic and I hit up Wizard World 2010 on Sunday. We didn't attend this year because I had some other Cons I wanted to do instead. It was cool to walk around and check out all the sweet deals. Nic and I definitely got our money's worth...and they got ours. We walked away with some sweet stuff and at half the price too! Check it out:

After years and years, I finally own a copy of Craig Thompson's Blankets!

Nic and I pretty much raided the Top Shelf table and we each picked up two books. I picked up Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown and BB Wolf and the Tree LPs written by JD Arnold, who was nice enough to sign my copy.

Nic picked Too Cool to be Forgotten by Alex Robinson and Jeffrey Brown's Funny Misshapen Body. (Their last copy!)

We also picked up buttons from Jake Rueth and I got my TMNT cards and new Joker button from the always awesome J Brant!

After unloading our purchases I was able to transfer my buttons on to my new messenger bag that I bought a couple weeks ago at Target. Looking good...(and nerdy *sigh).

I'm so over Vampires....

This was a sketch I did on Friday....I GUESS its based on True Blood. But I gave that show two seasons I did not like it. Also I hate the Twilight series...well the movies I've never read the books but ANYWAYS...vampires are whatever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a quick play with my brush pen

I haven't used my brush pen in awhile. I plan on using it more for sketching and inking just to get used to it and find a method to apply it to my lines. I did this really quick tonight and ultimately I like the effect, I just need to find control. A lot of the lines I lay down are a bit shaky and really don't show confidence behind them. I think if I practice with it more those lines will feel more intended and confident. When that happens, I'll have found a comfort using it and hopefully that method and style will come through.

Kali Ma Shakti de

I've been watching the Indiana Jones trilogy all this week. (yeah I said trilogy...none of this alien skull, shia labouf swining on trees crap) I must say that Temple of Doom is my favorite and I know majority of people I discuss these films with absolutely hate this movie. But much like Kevin Smith's Mallrats, this was my lead in film to the rest of the trilogy. Also it has Short Round (every asian kid growing up looked like him...including me) and this dude:

Oh and the chilled monkey brains scene! Come on, what's not to love. Anyways this one's my favorite. Which one is yours?

Red pen fun!

Here we have I Kill Giants' Barbara Thorson, a wizard who's "all beard", and me. Red pen IS fun!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

big alien, tiny ship, tiny alien, big ship.

I'm trying to get back to posting regularly to keep me drawing and to keep this updated. I drew this at work today. It was fun. I'm trying to find a project/idea that would be good to do in all ball point pen. Majority of the time I like what I draw in ball point and thought it'd be fun to tackle an entire project in that medium. Who knows what'll come from it but I got ideas out the pooper right now. One thing at a time, yes, I know.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saving Face(s)...

Hello all,

I feel terrible that I haven't posted anything new in a while but I have been so busy with side work I haven't gotten time to really doodle. It's not that I've been slacking, its been quite the opposite.

Anyways I have some commissions lined up and I hope to show those to you as I finish them. I am also getting ready for the 57th Street Book Fair this coming September and I'll be debuting some new items as well as a special limited print just for the Fair so stay tuned for that.

I was able to draw up some faces earlier in the day and I hope to get back to doodling more frequently. See you back here real soon.