Monday, April 26, 2010

SPACE 2010: Recap

After the success of c2e2, I was really excited for S.P.A.C.E. in terms of climbing that positive hill and really getting my project and art out there.

The drive was very exhausting for Nicole and I especially when we were coming to the tail end of it and got lost. The hotel's weird room reservation policy just added to the frustration of the night's drive. By the time we were checked in we were just so agitated we went to bed.
Hoping for a better day and trying to hype myself up, I was preparing myself for a great first day. What I got was just a good first day. It was quite slow from the beginning and steadily picked up pace just as the it was coming to a close. My table location made it rather difficult to draw a crowd towards my way which I realized I had to engage the onlookers as they met eyes with my art and books, rather then sit there and sketch. It's something I learned rather late in the day as I got a lot of pass-thrus and not enough stops.

The evening, however, was really fun as I had dinner with Dustin Carson, writer of No-Gods, and we were joined by Eric Adams of Lackluster World fame. We ate at the restaurant in the hotel named....Justin's Place. Yeah that's right. The buffet was extremely good. We went back to our hotel rooms where Nic took a nap and I updated the facebook with some videos and surfed the internets trying to forget about the days personal let-downs.

We went down to the bar for some drinks and a bit of dancing...CUPID SHUFFLE WHaaaaaaa. We capped the end of the night by attending an Art Jam with the fellows from Quarantine Comics and Jay Jacot of Comics Obscura.

Day 2 was going to be different I said and it was much better as I was able to move some books and network...I also spent some time away from my table as well as meeting new people like Nate Powell, the writer/illustrator of Swallow Me Whole. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Burke, the author of Recycled Again. His wife was very interested in my books and he stopped by to tell me about his Lesson Learned series and it's just fantastic. They are great books for kids to grow up on. Nicole did a little browsing herself and stumbled upon the cutest zombie girl ever: Apooka illustrated by the amazing talents of Mike Roll.

I also stop by the Mutant Cactus table and picked up a new set of buttons for my messenger bag. The team of Derek Watson, Robert Gant, and Danny Cooper equals artistic heaven. Check out their Tales of Awesome! #1, it's....AWESOME.

All in all Day 2 we exceptional and the Convention as a whole was an amazing experience. One that taught me not every con is the same and that you got to really network and meet people...and most of all...HAVE FUN WHILST (you like that) DOING IT.

See ya later Ohio, we'll see you in November!

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