Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fun With Sharpies: World's Finest

I found another piece of cardboard today. I grabbed some pen and black sharpie and drew Superman on one side. I flipped it over and drew good old Bats on the other. This was really fun to do. It makes me want to get some other rendering tools like white ink and prisma markers. I kind of like drawing on this thicker board. I should look into different card stocks to draw on as well.

I always get nervous drawing Superman cause of the fact that so many other talented artists put their own unique spin on it. But I've noticed that everytime I draw Supes, he is different from the last time I drew him. Which means I haven't really found a way of drawing him that I like and thats not biting off other people's versions of him. Well I like this last one I did and maybe I can take it from there.

Well, I've been working on getting my third book accomplished and it hasn't left me any time to draw other stuff. So this was kind of nice and most of all fun. Not that drawing my book isn't fun but I treat it as a job/work and I do have fun with it. But sometimes I need to draw just to draw. No books, no commissions, or freelance stuff. Just drawing.

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Whitney said...

i like your style! and i think it's cool that each time you draw "Supes" it turns out different from the previous time bc it just shows your talent and that you arent just stuck in one way. nice job!