Saturday, February 13, 2010

Analyzing the rough stuff

I admit I feel bad when I don't update on a consistent basis or I don't post more finished art pieces but I keep forgetting this is a "sketch"blog and its okay to post the rough matter how much I dislike or like it. So with that in mind I thought I'd break down the process of creating a character and sketching out the design as I go.

So here's the setup: I thought it was a funny idea to have this sheep that was some sort of assassin or soldier and had an unlimited amount of guns in ammo hidden under his wool. So whenever he was in a jam, he could pull out an arsenal of weaponry like a treasure chest. One Sheep Army if you will. So I worked an initial sketch which is what you see on the top left of the page.

As you can see, the first attempt ended up with more of dog face character. I also drew the mop on his head to resemble that of a helmet with the straps undone. I knew the one thing I wanted to change was the face so after several attempts I found a simple watermelon shape for the head that resembled more sheep than dog especially with the nose and helmet head.

I also with this characters body to have a very definitive square shape. With the wool being completely square I thought it'd be difficult to show the character in any type of movement. So after playing around with poses, I found the best to show action poses with such a square shape was to outline the body first and draw the square shape to contour to it. So it shows how the square would bend and contort to the limbs and spine of the character. I tried that with some poses that you see here.. One in particular, the sort of belly flop dive, was approached in this way. I drew the the pose I wanted, and as you can see how the spine kind of arches as he's falling, I then drew the wool where it would bend accordingly. So you still get that square shape and you still have that sense of movement from the character. It will be fun to see how far I take this guy in terms of design and maybe even a story. But for right now I thought I'd share my sketch process with you. The design thats showed on the bottom right isn't final but its an improvement over the first sketch did at the top left.

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