Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Card 2010

Ever since 2006 I've been designing my own cards. What I usually do is draw a Christmas image and find a quote that best represented the image I had in my head. Last year, I designed a card based on my books. As it turned out great and quite humorous, I felt it didn't quite have a Christmas spirit about it as the cards done previously. So I wanted to get back to what I originally did. I had two ideas in mind but at first only thought to do one depending on which quote was the strongest. Luckily I had my wonderful girlfriend find me two great quotes that I was inspired to get both ideas done this year.

So some of you will get this:

And the others will get this:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We'll see you in 2011!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Human Centipede Print ONLY @ Atlanta Comic Con

If you're heading down to Atlanta Comic Con this weekend stop by and visit table 1105. Drew Blank, writer of Memoirs of an Anti-Hero hit me up with a print based off the disturbingly bizarre horror film, The Human Centipede in honor of the film's stars attending the weekend's convention.

This was such fun to work on! Click for more info on this limited print exclusive to Atlanta Comic-Con:

Human Centipede Print by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Sketchin' 11 27 10

Hi all,

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Did ya stuff yourselves with yummy food? Did ya do some sweet [*cue sarcasm] Black Friday shopping? I did not. God bless Amazon. Anyways here's some recent sketches I did just before Thanksgiving Holiday. Enjoy!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Feelin' a bit under the weather bug...

I'm trying to get back my mojo creatively while the the holidays creep up on me. I'm not very productive during the holidays and I feel like that is when I should be the most. Every time a new year starts, I make a list of creative goals and goals as an artist to accomplish before Dec. 31st. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and that means crunch time for me, on top of the stress of the holidays. So the next couple of weeks have got to be more productive than I'm used to so I can at least feel like I've accomplished enough of my goals before 2011.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zombie Sausage

Hi!! I know it's been a while but I've been quite busy since the convention season wrapped up for me. A lot of great work came out of it and I met some new artists. When I have the time I'll get around to posting a more detailed account of the swag and new people I met over the last two cons. But for now, enjoy some Zombie Sausage.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mid Ohio Con 2010

Mid Ohio Con marks the end of my convention run for the year. Wow, I thought I had a good show last weekend, MOC was just great fun all around and a terrific way to wrap up the year.

This year's show marked the 30th Anniversary of Mid Ohio Con and they really made it worthwhile for the artists. There weren't a lot of Media Guests and dealer shops but a big focus on artists, writers, independents, and comic superstars.

Saturday was a huge success. I probably ended up leaving my table once or twice to go to the bathroom and the rest of the time I was glued to my seat responding to sketch requests.

I think by the end of the day I did about 25+ sketches with another 10 carrying over into Sunday. It flew by so fast! I think posting some of the unique character sketches (at least to me) on the blog, I gotten a lot more of those requests from people at the shows.

I've also noticed that whoever I make my sketch sign of for the weekend, that is usually the most requested character. Hence the army of Iron Men:

Big win for the Pixar prints I framed as within the first two hours, [I think, I have no concept of time, the day was a huge blur of amazing-tude] I was able to sell it.

I seriously thought I'd be taking it home after Sunday.

The only thing that stunk about the show which isn't a real huge complaint, was that I missed 75 percent of the artists/creators who were there. Nic was a real trooper scouting the tables for me and keeping me in the know with what was going on with the show. I was way too focused into drawing to even pick my head up. I tried my very best to meet and greet with all the folks who stopped by the table.

Sunday was nice and light but I was consistently busy. I was able to take some time to meet with some new creators but not really a chance to talk shop. I did get some things signed and met with friends I've made at the show last year.

With the spending spree Nic and I went on last weekend, we decided to put a limit on purchases and instead we focused on getting stuff for other people.

Sunday worked out perfect for me, heck the WHOLE SHOW worked out for me. I am always surprised by the amount of people who dig my work and have a really affection towards the book series. So to all those who got a sketch, prints, or books from me, a big thank you goes out to all.

It was a great time and I hope to do it again, I'll see ya next year. ;-)

Monday, November 01, 2010

The Sketchbook Project!

So I mentioned another big announcement a couple weeks a back and now that I got all the materials in, I can actually tell you what it's all about!

Welcome to the Sketchbook Project!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Here's the general idea: Thousands of sketchbooks will be taken on tour and exhibited around the country at various galleries and museums. After traveling, they will be cataloged into The Brooklyn Art Library's permanent collection.

For more information like tour dates and other projects, please visit:

Detroit Fanfare 2010

This past weekend I attended the Detroit Fanfare at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Fanfare was a great con for me and quite a fun one. I think having it take place on Halloween weekend opened up the flood gates for creativity on Detroit Fanfare's part. They had a Zombie Walk, a kid's costume contest, charity events, and a well rounded group of artist and creators.

It was nice to walk around and see an enormous amount of talent everywhere you turned. There weren't any ex-wrestlers, porn stars, or tv stars in attendance at all.

This year I shared a table with the very talented Mike Roll whom I met at SPACE back in July. There I picked up Apooka, his Adorable Zombie book. Check out that and some more great artwork here:

Having Stan Lee as your guest of honor really drew in the crowd and the flow of people was consistent. I did tons of sketches for people and met some great new creators and book dealers who were looking to purchase books for the comic shops.

The movie geek in me couldn't pass up the chance to meet Brian O'Halloran, better known as Dante from Clerks and Clerks II. The guy is real nice and very welcoming of the fan appreciation for the work he's done.

On Halloween there were a lot more people dressed up and even some artists passing out candy for the kids. It was a bit slower that day but I did manage to sell quite a few books and sketch some more unique requests like an Iron Fist and a Thanos. The guy who wanted Thanos actually went and bought a comic for reference. I thought that was real nice of him considering he told me he just dropped 2 and a half Gs on an X-Men #1 for Stan Lee to sign.

And the award for most requested character sketch goes to:

The volunteers at the Fanfare were really accommodating, always coming by with snacks and water for the artist. One of the coolest things was that they gave out one of the Fanfare exclusive comic books that they were selling at the welcoming tables.

Overall it was a nice weekend getaway and even nicer introducing my art and the When I Was Little series to a new audience.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Sheep

My friends and I watched this really awesomely bad movie the other night called Black Sheep. No not the Chris Farley film...that's just awesomely AWESOME. This movie is about killer sheep in New Zealand. It's actually quite brilliant in terms of make up and special effects which were done by Weta Workshop.

If you have a chance I recommend watching this with a bunch of friends for the laughs.

Updates and The Detroit Fanfare!

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've had some busy weeks with welcoming two new additions to the family. My brother just had his second child, a beautiful girl they named Jenevieve Pearl or "Vie, Vie" for short. My cousin also had his first child, a healthy baby boy named Nicholas Apostole. They've taken to calling him "Stole.

With all the hoopla and baby excitement it's been hard to manage the blogs and keep you posted on my where-abouts. So let's get right to it!

A while ago I had mentioned on twitter that I had a few things to share, I was just waiting for information to come my way so I can give you all the proper details.

On Halloween Weekend I am invited to be a part of the inaugural Detroit Fanfare Convention down in Michigan at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency. That is October 30 from 10am-6pm and October 31 from noon-5pm!

I will be at table 85 with the very talented Mike Roll. It should be an exciting time and please click on the link to see more details and buy your tickets.

If you're in the area, come on by and say hi! And for more news....

Mid Ohio Con 2010

This has got to be one of my favorite cons and I will be attending again this year. The Mid Ohio Con goes from Nov.6-7 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus,OH. I will be at table CC22! I'll be selling my books, a variety of prints, and doing sketches for the weekend. I hope to see you there!!

Click on the banner to find out more!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

El Fuego!

El Fuego Luchador by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

This character has been frequently popping up in my sketchbook that I decided to put some pieces together and slap some colors on it. He is El Fuego, the luchador! His finishing move is the Flaming Elbow, which he slam right into your corazaon! If I come up with some other characters for him to throw down or tag team with I think I can come up with a sweet luchador property, but for now he's going solo.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A new threadless design for the Movember Challenge!

Hi all,

It's been years since I did a threadless submission but a friend of mine hit me up to the idea. He did the colors and textures and I did the lines. Enjoy the 'stache....ladddiieees.

Ladies love the 'stache! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Monday, September 27, 2010

Art Jam Session 2: Western

I had another art jam with some of my buddies and this session's focus was western. I started out drawing some regular cowboy heads but wasn't really feeling it creatively. It wasn't until I did this doodle of a cactus playin' cowboy that I really started to have fun with it. I ended up with a lizard and a vulture all donning some cowboy attire. I think I'll play around with these character designs more and really nail a design I like with them. I can see them all playing a part of a larger world...hey maybe I got a wild west kind of book in me. There's a story here...I feel it.

Some really great ideas came from this past Sunday's meet. We discussed about what to do with these doodles and really set some goals for what we want to achieve and evolve as artists and storytellers. So let's hope we can build up some momentum out of these beta sessions and really produce something unique.

Happy Sketching!

Sketches 9 27 10

Here's some new sketches I did over the course of last week. These were fun to do although I feel my Thor is a lil' for some reason. It bugs me a little...but ah well they all can't be awesome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sketchs 9 20 10

I bought a new sketchbook and have been using Uni-Ball pens to doodle recently. I'm digging how the ink flows with this pen and will probably be sketching more with these. I also plan on carrying this book with me most places just to keep myself constantly sketching.

I'm thinking of doing some con sketches this way. I can whip these up pretty quick and maybe tackle more requests. Let me know what you think!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Playing with water...

Here's some 5x17s I did not to long ago in water color and ink brush. They were a lot of fun to do and I feel like I'm getting better at adapting my style to this new medium. It makes for some really playful results. These two characters were commissions for someone's nephew. I really like how they turned out and hopefully the kid will dig'em.


A quick Haunt sketch before I start today's work load. Read this comic. It's pretty awesome and have become a big fan of Greg Capullo's art style.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A boy and his panda...

I drew this sketch a couple of days ago. Good times. I should do a colored version sometime. It would be also the "good times".

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with brush: Machete

I was testing some paper thickness today with my brush pen and did this image of Machete's Danny Trejo. The result is that the paper I bought can withstand my brush pen as long as I don't soak the paper with ink. However if I lay some prisma markers or sharpie ink on it, it'll bleed right through.

On a site note: I'm super excited to see this movie and am hoping to catch a sneak on Wednesday. I've been sending my girlfriend trailers and clips to prepare herself for the cinematic experience that is Danny Trejo! LOL

Also after inking this, I threw it into photoshop and did a quick color job on it, I think the shade makes it look more like Trejo:

Off to bed!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art Jam Session 1: Supers

Yesterday my friends and I got together for an art jam. We organized this little event to catch up and to keep us crazy kids drawing. The idea is to work on more original concepts and have some real sit down time to chill and draw.

Personally as I got older, I had less time to just draw for fun. I got so busy with day to day life things I lost that quality time with good friends, a pad of paper, and a pencil.

We set out a theme for each session just to give a direction of where to go and what to draw to help us improve our skills as concept artists.

This character I whipped up was the primary focus of my sketch session yesterday. I would call him The Porker and he has an oven mitt type glove that deals out his pig punchin' power. I also thought it'd be funny if every time he punched some one it said "Oink!" instead of "Bam!" or "Pow!"

Although I ended up focusing on a single character this time around, I am happy with the result. I look forward to the next session to really just let loose and let the pencil do the thinking.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Week

I drew some game characters this week on legal pad with sharpies, pens, and know to pass the time. Enjoy Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, Mario, and Sonic!

Monday, August 23, 2010

TMNT: the sketchbook

So with the decision to not attend Wizard World as an artist, I really got a chance to get my art geek on. I've posted pictures in the past of people who have asked me to do a sketch in their very own artist sketchbook. It's really a genius idea and makes for a great souvenir and or present.

Basically the idea (for anyone who hasn't a clue what the F I'm talking aboot) is that you buy a blank sketchbook and bring it with you to the cons and have various artist do sketches in it. It can be a completely random sketchbook or you can have one dedicated to your favorite comic character. Then as you fill it up you get all these wonderful renditions of one character in a nice completed art book and its great to flip through and look at all the interesting interpretations and styles. I think I did an Aqua-Man book and a Yoda book for some people last year.

So now that that's out of the way, I decided that I would start one but I didn't want to do something completely "generic" like a Superman (even though I'm going to get one of those started too) or a I decided to go with a property that I loved since childhood, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh yeah...that's right.

So here are the first few sketches in my TMNT book that I will probably be carrying with me to every convention from now on until it's filled up with amazing artwork.

1. Art Baltazar

2. Mike Roll

3. Wil Brendel

4. Mike Boldt

I was so shellshocked by this TMNT art explosion I did some quick sharpie and pen warm-ups. Enjoy!!!

Wizard World 2010 swag

Nic and I hit up Wizard World 2010 on Sunday. We didn't attend this year because I had some other Cons I wanted to do instead. It was cool to walk around and check out all the sweet deals. Nic and I definitely got our money's worth...and they got ours. We walked away with some sweet stuff and at half the price too! Check it out:

After years and years, I finally own a copy of Craig Thompson's Blankets!

Nic and I pretty much raided the Top Shelf table and we each picked up two books. I picked up Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown and BB Wolf and the Tree LPs written by JD Arnold, who was nice enough to sign my copy.

Nic picked Too Cool to be Forgotten by Alex Robinson and Jeffrey Brown's Funny Misshapen Body. (Their last copy!)

We also picked up buttons from Jake Rueth and I got my TMNT cards and new Joker button from the always awesome J Brant!

After unloading our purchases I was able to transfer my buttons on to my new messenger bag that I bought a couple weeks ago at Target. Looking good...(and nerdy *sigh).