Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why is the rum always gone...

I had some time to post this before my family and I dig in to Thanksgiving Dinner 2009!

I've always wanted to do Jack Sparrow fan art and I thought the idea of the rum always being gone in the Pirates sequels was good gag.

I tried to keep the lines very tight and clean and when it came time to color it, I thought it'd be best to go the opposite and make them a bit more loose and playful.

It was really fun to color and really explore around with textures and the various brushes Phoroshop CS4 has to offer. I think it gives the piece more life then say to straight up toon shade it. Anyways I think it works and I had a blast from pencils to final colors.

Well enjoy your and here's the deviantART post:

Why is the rum always gone... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART


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Mike said...

Rum Rum Rum Rum its a notpron thing.

Keep up the sweet work, there is a lady in town who wants to write a children's book so I let her know you're an illustrator and showed her your sweet books. I don't think she will write till she retires, but you never know. No charge for the PR work ;-)