Friday, October 23, 2009

COMING SOON: Sketchin' Outside The Box

So I attended my first comic book convention as a participant in artist alley this year and I was all kinds of nervous the very first night. But then something interesting happened, this guy came up to my table and was super excited that I was FINALLY at a comic book show. He told me he was a fan of my art. First thought: Wait what? Then he went on to further explain that he followed my deviant art page and he really liked some of the stuff I put on there. He went to asking me if I had an art book because he really dug my line art more then he did my finished pieces. I thought I'd oblige him and show him some of my sketch books that I had stored away in my bag. I would've put them on the table but I didn't have any more room. So he flipped through them and went from asking me if I had an art book to telling me I SHOULD have an art book.

He was a cool guy and I'll never forget him. At my first comic book show, he made me feel like I belonged there, that I can roll with the big boys and most importantly...he made me truly believe in my talents and that my stuff was good.

Thanks, Jonathan.

A whoppin' 200+ pages of sketches, line art, fan art, character design, from the finished to the rough stuff. I hope you check it out!!

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