Monday, July 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I rented this movie called, Outlander. The basic premise for it is Beowulf meets Predator/ Vikings vs. Aliens. I read a lot of reviews for the film and they say it's a miss. I have no idea what movie they were watching because the movie I saw was bad ass. It was a bloody good time and I loved the creature design, which they call a Moorwen.

I would recommend it because it has the right blend of sci-fi, creature horror, and action. It's comes up short in terms of an EPIC scale but it's still worth the rental.

Anyways it inspired me to whip out the brush pen and do this. The Outlander is played by none other then Jesus himself, Jim Caviezel.

Peep the trailer here! And tell me that that doesn't look like a good time!

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