Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mild mannered, super, and just plain bizarro.

OK so after I did that first set, I thought I should do a Superman set and show it to you so you can see what I'm talking about. Now these I actually planned and then sketched. As you can see (well as I can see) they are not as awesome as the Batman set I did, which was more "sketch as you go" instead of "plan then sketch."

I still think they are cool BUT not as rockin' as the other ones. Also I've stated before that I have a problem drawing Superman because he's my favorite comic book hero and there have been so many better renditions of him that I have yet to find my own way of drawing him because I'm too busy gawking and awwing at other artist's take of him.

I recently saw one Skottie did on his twitter which I thought was pretty amazing.

So if you notice through out my gallery on deviant or here I never draw Supes the same way because I still haven't found a style or look that I'm happy with. There was maybe one or two times that I've drawn him where he looked pretty decent and the other times some people think are good, I still see them as failed attempts. But then again maybe my style isn't all that compatible with a Superman character of sorts...I don't know he's too iconic and the fact that he's my fave will always make it seem like I can never do it justice. But who knows maybe I'll get tapped to do a run on Supes and'll probably be the best I've ever drawn him.

Ok well I'm outie 3008 you're so two thousand and late.

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