Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun with Sharpies AND White Out!

It's almost 2am and I'm still doing laundry. Nic's passed out and I just finished packing for Cedar Point. I thought I'd share some cool pieces I did with ballpoint pen, sharpies, and white out. I liked it so much that I think I'm going to do some free sketches this way at the Comic-Con in August. Probably the index card size too. I've gotten so used to doodling on these index cards at work it only seems right to me to offer free sketches like this. Fast, free, and most of all fun to do! Well I should probably check on the dryer and kiss my lady goodnight before she completely knocks out. (heh)

PS - I got my prints AND my new business cards in today, things are shaping up nicely so far. I'm now less nervous and more excited to go. I'll probably give you some quick looks as the con gets closer and closer.

Have a good mornight!

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