Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun with brush pens!

Hello all! I'm taking a break from working on a new print I'm thinking of selling at the Wizard World which is a couple weeks away! Right now, I'm watching Lost In Translation.

First it was white out and now I thought I'd play around with brush pens. I'm not one for using brush pens in fear or MESSING up...but as I started to play around with strokes and line weight, I found out how much brush pens can give off the illusion of "no mistakes". They hide them so well if you treat it more as a painting. They make your art feel care free and very loose. It doesn't give off the impression that its confined or the art is contained within the lines. The are breaks...and space...and thats what gives it life, style, character.

I drew Penguin, Joker, and Scarecrow roughed out lightly with ball point and inked it with a brush pen playing with strokes and weight. I really like how it turned out. It's a style of art I'm not used to normally doing. I feel there are far better artist with far better tools who have utilized this technique and turned it into something all their own.

I might do more stuff like this in the future just for scribbles and doodles. I'm still very fond of not inking and just coloring over my pencil lines but I'm still practicing my inking and I feel that I'm getting better at it and may have found an ink style I'm comfortable with.

Well that's all for now. Of the three, I like Scarecrow the best.

Another thing I wanted to share is I bought a new sketchbook. It's more of a "travel" sketchbook where I could lay down some quick gestures or sketches when I have time at lunch or if I'm sitting in front of the TV, or just hanging out with some friends.

There are some days I go without sketching and when I finally get a chance to, I hit a creative road block. So, I feel if I have pen and paper on me at all times, it'll help keep my creative juices flowing and I won't forget an idea that I had but couldn't jot down on a pad.

I was excited because I went to breakfast with Nicole and brought it with me and was able to do a nice warm up sketch before we got seated to eat. It felt great and I want to keep at it.

Well enough rambling get back to work!

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