Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coconuts melt in my mouth?!

So a couple of days ago Nic and I went to breakfast at our favorite spot: Blueberry Hill off of 49th & Lagrange Road. There always seems to be something going on when we decide to head down that place and that morning was no different because there were street vendors selling all kinds of weird stuff on the streets. Of course, it was bit crowded but we had already decided to walk around after brunch to see what all the hoopla was aboot.

On our walk, we checked out this new candy store that opened up entitled Sweetness. And that it was. They had all types of candies from Satellite Wafers/Candy Saucers to Candy Cigarettes. The one thing that caught Nic's attention though were these limited edition bags of Coconut M&Ms.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaa

We bought a bag and last night had the pleasure of eating them during the Season Finale of Run's House. Needless to say....they were


wait for it

...(daboooommmb)DARY! (we put our own spin on it)


'Til next time!

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