Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Bat, the Bird, the Boy, and the Cat.

I had a lot of fun doing this set especially Bats and Nightwing. What I liked about doing these was that they kind of came to me as I was doing them. I first sketched a head and it had a great big forehead so it molded into a Batman sketch...then as I finished that, I thought to do up a Nightwing from the opposite side and then Robin from the front and Catwoman sort of from the back.

It wasn't planned before the process but planned DURING the process. And usually when I have those kind of moments when I'm sketching the doodles end up looking pretty awesome because I get more focused as I go.

I wasn't thinking ahead..."oh I'm gonna draw Batman" and then start sketching a started out with a blank head and it turned into Batman. It's like my initial construction lines for that head made me look at it and see what was hidden in them, I just had to sketch more to find it. I start and the sketch shows me how to finish. If that makes any sense.

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