Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Update 6.7.2009

Saturday -

Woke up. Groggy. My friend, Leticia, had her graduation party this weekend at 6:30pm. So up until then, I tried to be functional. I folded laundry, took Mom to Walgreens, and got my haircut. I also finished a Dr. Horrible drawing I was working on. I went to the graduation...which also happened to be her son, Jojo's graduation also. I ate my weight in mexican food, danced a little with Josie, caught up with the happy grad and had a really good time.

Afterwards, Nicole invited me to hang with her, the Weds, and their friend, J-Steele or is it J-Steel? Hmmm I should refer to the live journal. ahuh ahuh. We went to hang out with Michelle's friend, Brian. We rocked on some Guitar Hero, played (I watched) some drinking games that were to hard to comprehend in the wee hours for me, listened to music and shot the shit. Nicole and I were dozing off, although I didn't mind her in my arms.

We didn't leave til super late...I honestly can't remember. 2am? Anyhoo...I got Nicole and I lost on the way back and we didn't get home til closer to 3/4 in the morning. I was going to head home but I noticed Michelle left her car light on and called Nicole to tell her. I ended up driving back to make sure she was ok out there to check on it. I was too tired by then to drive back. So I crashed in the sandbox instead.


We woke up in and out of sleep. We fully didn't get up til 1pm. After some "breakfast" ahuh ahuh I headed home. I think it was like 2-2:30pm. I crashed in my papasan and freakin fell asleep. I woke up around 5pm. I called the misses, chatted it up and hit the shower. She came by a little before 6pm. We were hungry (and tired) we went to Jimmy Johns where I got a number 3 a GG for Pops. We hit T-Bell for some Crunchwrap and Nacho action.

We came back to my place and watched some episodes of Friends: Season 1. After that, we busted out the 'top and wrote out our itinerary for the upcoming "Superman That Weekend" bday vacay trip!

After that, we talked about our keepsake boxes and our upcoming plans for June. She left around 10 and I put my laundry away, took out the trash, and now I'm updating this thing. I'm closing out the night with some freelance work and some Donnie Brasco on TBS. Depp and Pacino owns.

Sum it up: I had a fun weekend...but I was tired the whole time. It's probably because I'm turning 26. Wow...4 to 30...what else can I say. Let's hope my age is the only thing thats looking up.

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