Monday, June 08, 2009

Mondays...same days. Hoppin' for dinner.

Every day is different. But for a certain block of time every Monday is the same for me. I feel this way because I slowly but very surely realize that I dislike my job. Monday was boring but it went by rather quickly. I was able to do yet another drawing of a large comic book character munching on some tiny portion of food. Today we have the Juggernaut eating a can of mixed nuts. I had a lot of fun doing this and it really did make my Monday afternoon fly by.

Afterwards, I went to IHOP with Josie for dinner. It was some good times. I had the Strawberry Stuffed French Toast with two egg scrambled with cheddar cheese and some hash browns. We talked about how fast the year is gone and shared our feelings of time flying by and not really moving forward. It was a very open and honest conversation that did nothing but motivate me to be better. Especially because I'm turning 26 in less then a week.

Like today's GM text said: Focus +Enthusiasm+ Patience= SUCCESS

I'm focused...I'm enthused and I've been nothing but patient. You can't rush greatness.

I think I'm going to finish my "2 Do 4 2Morrow" list and hit the bed early...I JUST finished the first chapter of The Lovely Bones. That was a very hard first chapter to get through for two reasons:

1. I'm slow reader and I can never squeeze the time.
2. [Not really a spoiler..but giving you a heads up anyway] It's about the main character's how she died. Very unsettling. Nicole let me borrow it for a book trade..two bad I suck because she's read two of my books and I've barely started hers. Well I'm enjoying it so's pretty interesting because she is talking about "her" heaven.


Here's the colored version of The Juggernaut.

JuggerNuts by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

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