Monday, June 08, 2009

Kevin Smith & Comics!

It's 8am. Kind of groggy. {must admit that's been the theme lately] Talkin' to the girlfriend on her way to work. Sweetest voice you'd want to hear in the morning. I'd like to ride the Metra.

I'm up because I needed to send out that freelance stuff I worked on the other night. My computer kind of took a crap on me. I was doing that til aboot 2am whilst watching some Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

So last night after the late night draw fest, I was browsing on my blog reads and I forgot to mention this awesome exciting news that Kevin Smith posted. I think thats awesome. I'd like to have a career like him one day, he got to work in movies and comic books, and own a comic book store, and just be awesome. Buuuuut I guess I got my own path to lay out in front of me. Anyways here's a sketch of a character he created for the DC universe while working on Green Arrow and his latest three issue arc Batman: Cacophony, Onomotopeia.

Nicole just pointed out that I'm going to be on a computer all day today so I'm going back to bed. She's awesome.

Well, bedtime for bonzo...until about 9:30-10am.

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