Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's 1:44am...feelin' the love.

She's sound asleep. Awwwwwww.

I wanted to read some more Lovely Bones tonight but I left my book at work. Which also had my "2Do 4 2Morrow" list in it. I tried to remember the things on the list and got most of them done.

Cleaned the birdcage.
I ironed my shirt for the wedding.
Started packing.
Started laundry.
Cleaned my room. [a little]

All the while I was watching some Reaper Season 2. I told Pops I was taking a vacation/trip this weekend. That went a little awkward. I talked to the misses and John about it and I felt better. "Live life."

I cleaned my room some more. I decided to browse the net while SoFly caught the Zs because I'm not that tired. I'm getting there though.

I found this funny clip from the new movie within a documentary, Paper Heart. In it, Charlyne Yi doesn't believe in the idea or concept of love and sets on a road trip to find the meaning behind it. She meet's the great Michael Cera and they begin to form a relationship that eventually becomes the focus of the documentary. Check out the trailer and browse around the rather cooly designed site. It even has the MASH game from grammar school. Remember that shit? Old school.

All I can say is that it takes one really great connection to open the possibilities of love. And it takes an even greater person to make you WANT TO BE in love.

Anyways check out the clip of Charlyne interviewing Jack Black about the first time he fell in love. Hilarious.

Also click here to go to the film's website where they have the trailer and other things posted.

Ok I'm clockin on for the day. Punching back in around 8 or 9.

- J

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catko said...

Oh, Justin, I remember you and your cool drawings. You're still watching Reaper! We're still trying to save the show. Jenny Wade, who plays Nina, has been to our site and is helping us organize the fans. If you're interested...maybe we could entice you to do more Reaper art! Anyway, check out reaperdmv.com if you want!