Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freaks And Geeks

Hi all! I just finished watching my Freaks and Geeks complete series set. Overall I really liked the show. I'm probably going to watch it once more with commentary (PYGU). It did end way too soon because within the last two discs all the characters were going through some great development and story arcs in the episodes. When it was starts to really get good, it ends. There is some kind of closure to the series but it really had the potential for a solid 4 year run. (which would, in my mind, see the Geeks graduating and the Freaks well off into their college years.) I would highly recommend watching this show, it appeals to the freak AND the geek in you.

I did some sketches while watching. I would show all of them but my James Franco, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen...really didn't turn out that great. That's a new thing I want to work on, which is: Having my sketchbook open more. My hand can move as I watch a show or a movie I don't have to just sit there and really it warms me up before I decide to tackle an ink or pencil job I want to get done. So basically I just want to sketch more. I mean I sketch at work but they are usually on these lame index cards which I have scattered aboot my studio and on my art desk. I think I've doodled on at least 200+ already. (woah you're Geebo would say)

I need a new show to watch now...maybe some Big Love with my love (lamesauce! haha) I could catch up on Rescue Me season 5 on Hulu but I need to sign up for an account..and well I'm kind of lazy.

I've been quite busy this month. I know mentioned I wanted to do a play by play of my Metropolis trip but its coming up on two weeks passed and well I figured you all (wait, people read this?) don't really want to hear about it anymore. Well if you're interested, I posted some pics on facebook so if you're my friend you've probably already seen them. And if not...then go and be my friend!!

I've been working on "my stuff" all in hopes of heading in the right direction. Which is why I haven't posted anything new because its all getting crammed into a portfolio. Some days I get a lot accomplished and other days I don't. Which in retrospect is a good thing because I don't want to burn myself out. I have a tough waking up in the morning already, so why make that worse. So it seems like the pace I've been going at this stuff with has been pretty good, you can't rush greatness I suppose. :P

I've had a lot of computer problems the past couple months and I'm trying to spring for a new PC. Which means I've been trying to cut back on my "normal" spending: dvds, food, dvds, comics, dvds. Hopefully AFTER the summer months I can be able to purchase a new one or new parts and have Jeff put it together or me. He made me a list off of tiger direct so I'm going to start with the cheapest thing on it and work my way up.

I've been marketing my books more and I hope to get them and my art more noticed this year. I have some exciting news that I recently posted on the book's blog which is kind of like the jumping off point.

PS - Mosquito bites on my legs each like a mofo! I'm trying to be all Zen aboot it but its not happening.

PSS - I'm spending An Evening With Kevin Smith in to the yah!! I'm super-cited aboot it and I can't wait!!!

Well thats all he wrote...

Bedtime for bonzo. Peace.

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