Friday, June 19, 2009

Feelin' kind of Blobby

So we had New China Express today and even though it was awesome. The 3 hours of sleep and the full stomach of food has got me mo vi ing in sloooooow moooottiiioon. Granted I'm just sitting at a computer all day and not really moving at all. It's preventing me from wanting to move AND wanting to work. But the work thing shouldn't be a problem because there isn't any work to do.

I do want to blog about my SUPER (ahuh ahuh) fun exciting trip to Metropolis, IL for the Superman Festival and later down to Newton to meet some new people but I think I'll save that longer post for some time this weekend.

I know what you are J, you're so bored and lazy and stuffed with food you don't even want to blog. I do but I had a bright idea to work on my business cards for When I Was Little... so there!

I hope I'm not tired later, I'm taking the misses to Hollywood Boulevard where we will meet up with my coworker, Eric and his wife, Hallie. Woaahhhh double date. How fun!! Meets, greets, 'za and Year One. Sounds like a fun night right?

I guess we'll save the drive-in for another night. A better weather better movie selection kind of night.

Anyways here's the final(?) piece of my "overtly large comic book characters eating small portioned food" series. It's how I'm feeling right now...not Blah...more Blob.

Gym this weekend? I'm shootin' for it.

A Super-recap post sometime soon.

Oh and I've got some exciting need to explain really just click here!!!!

Jello Shots by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

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