Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freaks And Geeks

Hi all! I just finished watching my Freaks and Geeks complete series set. Overall I really liked the show. I'm probably going to watch it once more with commentary (PYGU). It did end way too soon because within the last two discs all the characters were going through some great development and story arcs in the episodes. When it was starts to really get good, it ends. There is some kind of closure to the series but it really had the potential for a solid 4 year run. (which would, in my mind, see the Geeks graduating and the Freaks well off into their college years.) I would highly recommend watching this show, it appeals to the freak AND the geek in you.

I did some sketches while watching. I would show all of them but my James Franco, Jason Segel, and Seth Rogen...really didn't turn out that great. That's a new thing I want to work on, which is: Having my sketchbook open more. My hand can move as I watch a show or a movie I don't have to just sit there and really it warms me up before I decide to tackle an ink or pencil job I want to get done. So basically I just want to sketch more. I mean I sketch at work but they are usually on these lame index cards which I have scattered aboot my studio and on my art desk. I think I've doodled on at least 200+ already. (woah you're Geebo would say)

I need a new show to watch now...maybe some Big Love with my love (lamesauce! haha) I could catch up on Rescue Me season 5 on Hulu but I need to sign up for an account..and well I'm kind of lazy.

I've been quite busy this month. I know mentioned I wanted to do a play by play of my Metropolis trip but its coming up on two weeks passed and well I figured you all (wait, people read this?) don't really want to hear about it anymore. Well if you're interested, I posted some pics on facebook so if you're my friend you've probably already seen them. And if not...then go and be my friend!!

I've been working on "my stuff" all in hopes of heading in the right direction. Which is why I haven't posted anything new because its all getting crammed into a portfolio. Some days I get a lot accomplished and other days I don't. Which in retrospect is a good thing because I don't want to burn myself out. I have a tough waking up in the morning already, so why make that worse. So it seems like the pace I've been going at this stuff with has been pretty good, you can't rush greatness I suppose. :P

I've had a lot of computer problems the past couple months and I'm trying to spring for a new PC. Which means I've been trying to cut back on my "normal" spending: dvds, food, dvds, comics, dvds. Hopefully AFTER the summer months I can be able to purchase a new one or new parts and have Jeff put it together or me. He made me a list off of tiger direct so I'm going to start with the cheapest thing on it and work my way up.

I've been marketing my books more and I hope to get them and my art more noticed this year. I have some exciting news that I recently posted on the book's blog which is kind of like the jumping off point.

PS - Mosquito bites on my legs each like a mofo! I'm trying to be all Zen aboot it but its not happening.

PSS - I'm spending An Evening With Kevin Smith in to the yah!! I'm super-cited aboot it and I can't wait!!!

Well thats all he wrote...

Bedtime for bonzo. Peace.

Juliet says...

She's talking now...mumblin' mostly but this is what she told me

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Review: He's Just Not That In To You

Or HJNTITY [See what I did there? (ahuh ahuh it says "TITY" on the end)] maybe I go with HJNTI2U instead.

Yeaaaah we were just not that in to it. Cliche, couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comedy or a drama...the characters were under developed for you so you don't really care and it was just waaaay too long for a romantic comedy. Especially with rather dull and uninteresting characters throughout. You're bored after half an hour...which is when we started to fall asleep.

It's a shame because I wanted too like the movie. Well I give it two stars...1 star for Ben and the other star for...Affleck...ohhhh yeaaaaaah.

Feelin' kind of Blobby

So we had New China Express today and even though it was awesome. The 3 hours of sleep and the full stomach of food has got me mo vi ing in sloooooow moooottiiioon. Granted I'm just sitting at a computer all day and not really moving at all. It's preventing me from wanting to move AND wanting to work. But the work thing shouldn't be a problem because there isn't any work to do.

I do want to blog about my SUPER (ahuh ahuh) fun exciting trip to Metropolis, IL for the Superman Festival and later down to Newton to meet some new people but I think I'll save that longer post for some time this weekend.

I know what you are J, you're so bored and lazy and stuffed with food you don't even want to blog. I do but I had a bright idea to work on my business cards for When I Was Little... so there!

I hope I'm not tired later, I'm taking the misses to Hollywood Boulevard where we will meet up with my coworker, Eric and his wife, Hallie. Woaahhhh double date. How fun!! Meets, greets, 'za and Year One. Sounds like a fun night right?

I guess we'll save the drive-in for another night. A better weather better movie selection kind of night.

Anyways here's the final(?) piece of my "overtly large comic book characters eating small portioned food" series. It's how I'm feeling right now...not Blah...more Blob.

Gym this weekend? I'm shootin' for it.

A Super-recap post sometime soon.

Oh and I've got some exciting need to explain really just click here!!!!

Jello Shots by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Friday, June 12, 2009

We had Sonic for lunch!

Just thought I'd share this too because: 1. I've never eaten @ a Sonic and B. I've heard its pretty good.

...AND cheap! It wasn't that bad. The best thing we got were these Strawberry and Cherry Limeades that had real chunks of fruit in it mixed with Sprite and limes, Kudos to the misses.

She had popcorn chicken and I had some Ched R' Bites which were basically Jalepeno Poppers.

We're taking it light tonight for dinner. Apples and peanut butter with some popcorn for the movie snack.


Me @ The Superman Festival, 6.12.2009

More pics to come...just thought I'd share a quick snapshot before I give you a full update. Happy as a bear can be. :)

I guess this is kind of like a twitter haha: Back from swimming. We're relaxin' now. Nicole's uploading photos of today's festivities as we kick back to some Superman Returns.

Great. Day.

Almost 26.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Read 2 Go!

I wake up and hear the rain pouring. Nice! [until I have to drive in it]

Thanks to her, I got up early to load the car, feed the bird and PP [not pp as in pee pee you know, urinate..although I did do that when I got up, I meant PP, my hermit crab], and get some food in me as well. Hit the bank for some quick cash and headed off to work. Tick tock, tick tock....not much to do...I've just been chatting it up with her. Man I haven't used the word, "her" to describe Nicole since our "starting to like each other...more than friends secret facebook statuses" kind of phase. THROW BACK! OLD SCHOOL! haha Oh my, how we've changed.

Thought I'd share our excitement!:

[super excited happy faces]

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's 1:44am...feelin' the love.

She's sound asleep. Awwwwwww.

I wanted to read some more Lovely Bones tonight but I left my book at work. Which also had my "2Do 4 2Morrow" list in it. I tried to remember the things on the list and got most of them done.

Cleaned the birdcage.
I ironed my shirt for the wedding.
Started packing.
Started laundry.
Cleaned my room. [a little]

All the while I was watching some Reaper Season 2. I told Pops I was taking a vacation/trip this weekend. That went a little awkward. I talked to the misses and John about it and I felt better. "Live life."

I cleaned my room some more. I decided to browse the net while SoFly caught the Zs because I'm not that tired. I'm getting there though.

I found this funny clip from the new movie within a documentary, Paper Heart. In it, Charlyne Yi doesn't believe in the idea or concept of love and sets on a road trip to find the meaning behind it. She meet's the great Michael Cera and they begin to form a relationship that eventually becomes the focus of the documentary. Check out the trailer and browse around the rather cooly designed site. It even has the MASH game from grammar school. Remember that shit? Old school.

All I can say is that it takes one really great connection to open the possibilities of love. And it takes an even greater person to make you WANT TO BE in love.

Anyways check out the clip of Charlyne interviewing Jack Black about the first time he fell in love. Hilarious.

Also click here to go to the film's website where they have the trailer and other things posted.

Ok I'm clockin on for the day. Punching back in around 8 or 9.

- J

It's a bird, it's a's coming soon

I can't wait!!! It should be a "super" time. Ahuh ahuh. Really not wanting to work, so I thought I'd post this and share my excitement. I took this picture at the Portillo's off of Cal Sag Road during my lunch last Friday. I had the Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna sammich and some cheese fries. Awesome.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Mondays...same days. Hoppin' for dinner.

Every day is different. But for a certain block of time every Monday is the same for me. I feel this way because I slowly but very surely realize that I dislike my job. Monday was boring but it went by rather quickly. I was able to do yet another drawing of a large comic book character munching on some tiny portion of food. Today we have the Juggernaut eating a can of mixed nuts. I had a lot of fun doing this and it really did make my Monday afternoon fly by.

Afterwards, I went to IHOP with Josie for dinner. It was some good times. I had the Strawberry Stuffed French Toast with two egg scrambled with cheddar cheese and some hash browns. We talked about how fast the year is gone and shared our feelings of time flying by and not really moving forward. It was a very open and honest conversation that did nothing but motivate me to be better. Especially because I'm turning 26 in less then a week.

Like today's GM text said: Focus +Enthusiasm+ Patience= SUCCESS

I'm focused...I'm enthused and I've been nothing but patient. You can't rush greatness.

I think I'm going to finish my "2 Do 4 2Morrow" list and hit the bed early...I JUST finished the first chapter of The Lovely Bones. That was a very hard first chapter to get through for two reasons:

1. I'm slow reader and I can never squeeze the time.
2. [Not really a spoiler..but giving you a heads up anyway] It's about the main character's how she died. Very unsettling. Nicole let me borrow it for a book trade..two bad I suck because she's read two of my books and I've barely started hers. Well I'm enjoying it so's pretty interesting because she is talking about "her" heaven.


Here's the colored version of The Juggernaut.

JuggerNuts by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Kevin Smith & Comics!

It's 8am. Kind of groggy. {must admit that's been the theme lately] Talkin' to the girlfriend on her way to work. Sweetest voice you'd want to hear in the morning. I'd like to ride the Metra.

I'm up because I needed to send out that freelance stuff I worked on the other night. My computer kind of took a crap on me. I was doing that til aboot 2am whilst watching some Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

So last night after the late night draw fest, I was browsing on my blog reads and I forgot to mention this awesome exciting news that Kevin Smith posted. I think thats awesome. I'd like to have a career like him one day, he got to work in movies and comic books, and own a comic book store, and just be awesome. Buuuuut I guess I got my own path to lay out in front of me. Anyways here's a sketch of a character he created for the DC universe while working on Green Arrow and his latest three issue arc Batman: Cacophony, Onomotopeia.

Nicole just pointed out that I'm going to be on a computer all day today so I'm going back to bed. She's awesome.

Well, bedtime for bonzo...until about 9:30-10am.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Update 6.7.2009

Saturday -

Woke up. Groggy. My friend, Leticia, had her graduation party this weekend at 6:30pm. So up until then, I tried to be functional. I folded laundry, took Mom to Walgreens, and got my haircut. I also finished a Dr. Horrible drawing I was working on. I went to the graduation...which also happened to be her son, Jojo's graduation also. I ate my weight in mexican food, danced a little with Josie, caught up with the happy grad and had a really good time.

Afterwards, Nicole invited me to hang with her, the Weds, and their friend, J-Steele or is it J-Steel? Hmmm I should refer to the live journal. ahuh ahuh. We went to hang out with Michelle's friend, Brian. We rocked on some Guitar Hero, played (I watched) some drinking games that were to hard to comprehend in the wee hours for me, listened to music and shot the shit. Nicole and I were dozing off, although I didn't mind her in my arms.

We didn't leave til super late...I honestly can't remember. 2am? Anyhoo...I got Nicole and I lost on the way back and we didn't get home til closer to 3/4 in the morning. I was going to head home but I noticed Michelle left her car light on and called Nicole to tell her. I ended up driving back to make sure she was ok out there to check on it. I was too tired by then to drive back. So I crashed in the sandbox instead.


We woke up in and out of sleep. We fully didn't get up til 1pm. After some "breakfast" ahuh ahuh I headed home. I think it was like 2-2:30pm. I crashed in my papasan and freakin fell asleep. I woke up around 5pm. I called the misses, chatted it up and hit the shower. She came by a little before 6pm. We were hungry (and tired) we went to Jimmy Johns where I got a number 3 a GG for Pops. We hit T-Bell for some Crunchwrap and Nacho action.

We came back to my place and watched some episodes of Friends: Season 1. After that, we busted out the 'top and wrote out our itinerary for the upcoming "Superman That Weekend" bday vacay trip!

After that, we talked about our keepsake boxes and our upcoming plans for June. She left around 10 and I put my laundry away, took out the trash, and now I'm updating this thing. I'm closing out the night with some freelance work and some Donnie Brasco on TBS. Depp and Pacino owns.

Sum it up: I had a fun weekend...but I was tired the whole time. It's probably because I'm turning 26. Wow...4 to 30...what else can I say. Let's hope my age is the only thing thats looking up.

Cobblerin' Time! Japkor 5

I did this at work on Friday. It was yet another SLOW day. After I got out, I went to pick up Lanie for Japkor 5. We went to New China Express for dinner and Blockbuster to pick up my movice choice, The Orphanage. Lanie brought over The Uninvited which was a japanese remake of Tale Of Two Sisters.

They were both pretty good movies but I don't think I would watch them again. The Orphanage was better then the Uninvited.

We got done about 1am, I had to drive her back, came back home and crashed. I was tired and didn't wake up til past noon the next day.

I know this post and this drawing have nothing in common but I did color it in Photoshop and slapped it on my deviant art.

IT'S COBBLERIN' TIME by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hulk need potassium! Grrrrr

Wow you know it's been a slow day if I've blogged more than once today. I sketched and colored this at work.

Right now, I'm watching some Dinner For Five, and knocking things off my laundry list of things to do. Laundry being one of the things. I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say it these past several posts but yeah...SLOW WEEK.

Anyways, I really like how this turned out. It's got a lot of character and personality which is challenging at times dealing with a small canvas, large character, and few lines.

Hulk Need Potassium by ~happyfestivus on deviantART


Sketch Up'd

It's been about 4 days since I've seen this film and its still staying with me. The animation is marvelous and it's so heartfelt and warm, it really tugs at your heartstrings. And you know what, it's effective. You care deeply for these characters that once the credits start rolling, you kind of want to hang out and see what's next. It's so great that the only place it can't go from up. Wonderful, adventurous, and simply marvelous. I can't wait to see it again.

I did these at work a couple days ago. I kept it very loose. I love the big noses on Carl and Doug.


So I'm sitting here playing with the PicSay app on my G1. Its really cool, think photoshop for phones.

Anyway here's a drawing I did the other day of a zombie Pikachu that I messed around with. Zombies are awesome. Speaking of zombies, Eric and I stopped by Sean's house to watch this movie called, Tokyo Zombie. It's based off of the manga by Yusaku Hanakuma. It was definitely a bizarre film. The more I think about how absurd it was, the more I like it. You really can't go wrong with zombies and jujitsu.

After that, I played this Wii game he has called Mad World which is basically a stylized version of Arnie's The Running Man. It's fun, violent, entertaining, violent, bloody, violent, hilarious, and did I mention violent.

He also showed me the trailer for Left 4 Dead 2 which looks great. It's set in New Orleans. I've played the first one and I've been meaning to buy it, I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm not much of a videogamer anymore. I was back in college but not so much now. Ill probably hold out for the new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I loves me some CoD.

Anyways after some long winded battles at Kinkos and Staple copy centers and just being up late during this rather long and quite dull week, I'm feeling more and more like a zombie.

The highlight so far has been watching Step Brothers with Nicole. That kept me up too cause we started the movie pretty late. I was able to stay awake for the whole thing but Miss SoFly passed out near the end which was one of the funniest parts. ( Ohhh so close, next time hun! :P ) Its a lot funnier than I thought it would be.

Anyways that's been my week so far. Is it Friday yet?

1:17pm!? What the shit!

A bit outdated ya think?

We carry only the most advanced Photoshop tutorials here at work. Haha.

Speaking of work, is it me or did it take forever just to get to Thursday. Ugh. Most work weeks usually never go this slow.

...surviving and maintaining my sanity. A real sketch post to come soon.