Thursday, May 28, 2009

This made me chuckle.

So yesterday after work I played the role of "super awesome" boyfriend and surprised miss SoFly with an unexpected gift of Mac N Cheese from Chuck's BBQ. While waiting for my order I was looking at the assortment of hot sauces and found this "gift" set that surely made me chuckle.

After that I headed to Nicole's and called her complaining about work and that I might've left my phone charger in her car. I hang up, wait a minute or two as she comes around the corner. Surprised as ever with the biggest smile on her face. That same kind of smile that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I eat din din while she chats her bff up. I find that the mac n cheese I got wasn't as cheesy. Hers is though and I get some bites of that.

Rest of the night we watch Glee and make a facebook video. I head out and make it home by 10:15.

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Jas said...

glee! funny show, thx for the heads-up... wish theyd play em during summer instead of teasing the fall premiere