Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This comic book store is Amazazazing!

Today I went back to the Amazing Fantasy comic book store on LaGrange Road in Frankfort, IL. They had what I was looking for, the AppleGeeks Vol.1: Freshmen Year TPB and I also picked up the Superman: Secret Identity story and the last issue of Yost's Killer of Demons.

Wow, I am quickly becoming quite the uber nerd. I feel like Jason Biggs in American Pie 2 when he says he was always a band nerd he just never joined the band. I always say I'm not that into comics and yet, I come home to a stack of books and trades that I have to read...and now I'm adding these to the pile. On top of that....I'm blogging aboot it.

Oh and they also gave me a frequent buyer card...I'm so screwed. BUT its an amazing store with a massive amount of stuff to buy ranging from toys, manga, rpg, poster, shirts, hats, etc. I suggest you make a stop in and check it oot.

I tossed in a quick sketch I did of Scarecrow in blue sharpie...

uhhhhhh I should probably get back to work. 'Til next time.

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