Friday, May 22, 2009

Orange Chicken! Bored on the job...

So I'm sitting here stuffed with nachos and reading my girlfriend's livejournal. Oh no, don't worry, it's ok she let me. :) It's Friday...seems more like haha Idk, I'm kind of sleepy.

Anyways this morning digging through my laptop bag I found this buddhist book I was reading a while back. And I'm so glad I found it because I was near the end of the last chapter and anyone could use some good uplifting reading material now and then.

Well inside it was some sketches I did of a ninja chicken who was orange cleverly named, "Orange Chicken". WORDPLAY, HA-LARIOUS! Well enjoy! Back to Seinfeld. See what I did there, I called it Seinfeld which was a show aboot nothing. And I'm DOING absolutely nothing...right now.

Justin, you are one clever son of a B.

*sketches were done with my trusty red pen and orange highlighter.

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