Thursday, May 21, 2009

JamBot: The Creative Process

I've noticed on some people's blogs and or deviant sites that they at least put up a post where they show the process of either designing a character or showing the pencil stage to the color stage. I thought I'd take a stab at doing one of those with a character I've been thinking aboot. I had this idea to design a robot based off of the look of an iPod. I also knew that when I was designing it, it was going to have speakers for shoulders and the feedback green to red bars on display. Also I wanted it to have a look like it was wearing head phones and had that body fluidity of a B-Boy.

With those specific designs in mind I began sketching. Now these sketches weren't done in one night. There was at a least two or three week gap of time from the first sketch to the second sketch. Sometimes I like to take a break from an idea if I find myself going no where with it.

When I started laying down solid pencils I thought it would be more interesting to keep the lines loose and sketchy as a way of giving this robotic character, which would seem very stiff and dull, a more organic and human quality given that it's characteristics were that of a break dancer.

At one point I thought it would be cool if he wore a bucket hat OR some kicks to give off the hip hop vibe, but I eventually I came up with this other idea. I thought it would be funny to incorporate the emoticons and text characters people use to describe a smiley face or a winking face.

After playing around with different body types I got to something I really liked. I laid them out from first sketch to final to final with colors. I think I might add this page to the new portfolio because it's a good study of the creative process for me. I like to see what I started with to where I ended up.

PS - I know its cliche to have a robot doing the robot...but thats what it does! It's JamBot!

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