Saturday, May 30, 2009

Going UP, LaGrange Carnival, and the Zoo!!!

Today Nicole and I caught the early show of UP. We both really enjoyed it and we agree it is our new favorite Pixar film.

After the flick we went to Borders, where I took in a reading of "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs". I realized I left my hat in the theater. (UGH)
So like a champion, Nicole went in and retrieved it [Totally the best!] at the lost in found while I pouted like a B.

We picked up some Wendy's where they had these new skinless buffalo wings. We drive thru'ed that and headed back to her apartment.

We make a pit stop and head to Brookfield Zoo via foot. Holy crap it didn't SEEM that far but it kind of was. I was so sweaty haha. We met with the family: John, Jax, Baby Juliet, Em Rem, Kj, Puntie Autchie, Geebo, Jaddo, Skizzer, Frad, and Noola. We checked oot the butterflies, elefunks, lions, tigers, bears...oh my. Ahuh ahuh.

The newest attraction there was the "Dinosaurs Alive" exhibit. And it was pretty damn cool. The built to scale Dinosaurs were robotic and for some you can actually control the movements. It was really awesome. To be honest you can't really get through to everything in one day and thats probably why my dad's a "Zoo Member" haha. Oh and there was a wedding in progress near the end so it was kind of cool to see how Katie and Matt's wedding is going to be. It gave Nicole and I a heads up. Unfortunately no monkies were passing out champagne or orderves like we thought.

The night ended with the longest and boringest tour ride EVER. Thanks Bob. [see post above]

John and Jax were kind enough to give Nicole and I a ride back to her place. We regrouped, I picked up my car and I followed her to Portillos for dinner with the zoo group. After everyone left, we parted ways as she was going to go out with Michelle and Andrea to celebrate her bday that was last week. I head back to the Cas Girl's place, shoot the shite, and take the girls back with me so they can borrow the movies.

They stay to finish Game 6 of the Magic vs. Cavs. They leave, I shower, and cap the night off with some 24 season 7.

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