Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Gilly" phone test

So going through the options on my blog I noticed I can set up an email to send pictures that will automatically post from my phone. [That's what I was looking how to do earlier] So this is a test to see if I setup the email correctly.  Since I can email from my G1 and add attachments, I thought I'd set up the blogger email justin case I ever want to post something with an attached sketch or photo on the fly.

So here's a quick sketch I did at work of the "Gilly" character from SNL. Nicole showed this to me one night on hulu and you tube and we were cracking up. Kristen Wiig is so funny with her deadpan but this character is so bizarre it'll have you el oh elling for realsies.

Crap I need to shower and get ready for work!

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