Sunday, May 24, 2009

BBQs, 24, Terminators and more JamBot!

So this weekend we had a BBQ late Friday night that resulted in some Pool playing and Punch Out! For The Wii til 4 in the am.

The following Saturday I chilled, sore from Punching it Oot and watched some 24 Season 7. I went to a barbecue later that evening and met Nicole's bff, Ashley and her friends. We played this board game called Loaded Questions until aboot almost midnight. IT was hilarious and I had a blasty blast...SEA URCHIN! CLOWN MAKEUP!

However I wasn't "caught up" with sleep so by 10 O' Clock I was feeling it. We headed oot aboot quarter to midnight.

I for sure slept in today, big bear needs his Zs). I've been watching 24 and finished some more poses of the JamBot. He's a total BBoy..ahuh ahuh.

I'm doing laundry, watching 24, and hitting up the Quarrty for some Terminator Salvation. After that, heading to the misses for The Princess Bride.

Time to hit the shower.

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