Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swiss Army Designs

These characters stemmed from a brainstorm with John. We were thinking of characters made out of cheese and thought about a small army of soldiers made out of swiss cheese dubbed "The Swiss Army" Word play. HILARIOUS.

Here we have Communications, Infantry, Engineer, and Medic. I'm definitely going to do a full color version of these characters some time soon. Maybe tweak some of their designs and play with more shape and body types. I'm really digging the engineer guy. Yeah you crank that wrench.

Oh I also thought it'd be clever if their weapons WERE actualy swiss army knives. Well I think I'm done blogging for tonight. I'm beat.

Pics of the day!!

Here's some select pictures from our day. I'm blogging this as BOB the tram guide is boring us to sleep. Thanks Bob....yoooouuurrrr'eeeeee tour skilllllss arrrreeeee greaaaaaaaaaat.

Going UP, LaGrange Carnival, and the Zoo!!!

Today Nicole and I caught the early show of UP. We both really enjoyed it and we agree it is our new favorite Pixar film.

After the flick we went to Borders, where I took in a reading of "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs". I realized I left my hat in the theater. (UGH)
So like a champion, Nicole went in and retrieved it [Totally the best!] at the lost in found while I pouted like a B.

We picked up some Wendy's where they had these new skinless buffalo wings. We drive thru'ed that and headed back to her apartment.

We make a pit stop and head to Brookfield Zoo via foot. Holy crap it didn't SEEM that far but it kind of was. I was so sweaty haha. We met with the family: John, Jax, Baby Juliet, Em Rem, Kj, Puntie Autchie, Geebo, Jaddo, Skizzer, Frad, and Noola. We checked oot the butterflies, elefunks, lions, tigers, bears...oh my. Ahuh ahuh.

The newest attraction there was the "Dinosaurs Alive" exhibit. And it was pretty damn cool. The built to scale Dinosaurs were robotic and for some you can actually control the movements. It was really awesome. To be honest you can't really get through to everything in one day and thats probably why my dad's a "Zoo Member" haha. Oh and there was a wedding in progress near the end so it was kind of cool to see how Katie and Matt's wedding is going to be. It gave Nicole and I a heads up. Unfortunately no monkies were passing out champagne or orderves like we thought.

The night ended with the longest and boringest tour ride EVER. Thanks Bob. [see post above]

John and Jax were kind enough to give Nicole and I a ride back to her place. We regrouped, I picked up my car and I followed her to Portillos for dinner with the zoo group. After everyone left, we parted ways as she was going to go out with Michelle and Andrea to celebrate her bday that was last week. I head back to the Cas Girl's place, shoot the shite, and take the girls back with me so they can borrow the movies.

They stay to finish Game 6 of the Magic vs. Cavs. They leave, I shower, and cap the night off with some 24 season 7.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Update: Colored version here!

So after the PotBelly post, later that night I laid down some ATHF in my sketch book. This show is whacky, I used to watch it with Jacy in college. Definitely an acquired taste. In my opinion, the funniest thing on that show is whenever they show Carl from behind and you see all the lines from his tight sweatpants that fit so snug around the ankles. It cracks me up every time.

Tonight's been pretty laid back. After having the BEST LUNCH EVER today (see previous post), I was feeling pretty groovy spending some quality time with the misses. Too bad I had to go back to work. She made my week, no doubt. (Oh yeah, I went there.)

I kept it pretty quiet till about 6:40ish when I couldn't take it anymore. I clocked out and headed back home where my eyes have been soaking in some 24 season 7 while occaisionaly texting Hodge about our latest TV show and Move viewings.

I got a call from Lanie...she doesnt seem to pleased with me at the moment.

While coming up on the last 4 hours of 24 I started inking my ATHF lines. I'll post a colored version when it's done.


Yes, I would.

This made me chuckle.

So yesterday after work I played the role of "super awesome" boyfriend and surprised miss SoFly with an unexpected gift of Mac N Cheese from Chuck's BBQ. While waiting for my order I was looking at the assortment of hot sauces and found this "gift" set that surely made me chuckle.

After that I headed to Nicole's and called her complaining about work and that I might've left my phone charger in her car. I hang up, wait a minute or two as she comes around the corner. Surprised as ever with the biggest smile on her face. That same kind of smile that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I eat din din while she chats her bff up. I find that the mac n cheese I got wasn't as cheesy. Hers is though and I get some bites of that.

Rest of the night we watch Glee and make a facebook video. I head out and make it home by 10:15.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

They have Shake(s) @ PotBellys.

So I went to PotBelly's for lunch today.  I noticed to describe their large drinks, someone drew Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on their chalk board sign. I thought that was pretty funny.

I want to have lunch with my girlfriend. She left me a voicemail saying there was a turkish fest downtown. (JEALOUS!) Well her leaving me that vmail has been the highlight of my day because today's photo shoot was all kinds of annoying.

Time to chow and back to work...I guess.

Yay for bloggin on the go!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

BBQs, 24, Terminators and more JamBot!

So this weekend we had a BBQ late Friday night that resulted in some Pool playing and Punch Out! For The Wii til 4 in the am.

The following Saturday I chilled, sore from Punching it Oot and watched some 24 Season 7. I went to a barbecue later that evening and met Nicole's bff, Ashley and her friends. We played this board game called Loaded Questions until aboot almost midnight. IT was hilarious and I had a blasty blast...SEA URCHIN! CLOWN MAKEUP!

However I wasn't "caught up" with sleep so by 10 O' Clock I was feeling it. We headed oot aboot quarter to midnight.

I for sure slept in today, big bear needs his Zs). I've been watching 24 and finished some more poses of the JamBot. He's a total BBoy..ahuh ahuh.

I'm doing laundry, watching 24, and hitting up the Quarrty for some Terminator Salvation. After that, heading to the misses for The Princess Bride.

Time to hit the shower.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Punch Out! @ 2am!

Jona bought Punch Out for the Wii and it is awesome. I'm gonna have to pick this up. The wii balance board controls are the most fun and the most difficult to use. Seriously its so much fun....and my legs hurt. I seriously haven't been up with family like this in a long time. Id say we should do it more often....buuut I'm an old man. Hehehe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Enore's new music stand.

Hahaha this is awesome. She was playing "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga.  The cousins came over for some bbq, pool, and chillin'. Good times.

Orange Chicken! Bored on the job...

So I'm sitting here stuffed with nachos and reading my girlfriend's livejournal. Oh no, don't worry, it's ok she let me. :) It's Friday...seems more like haha Idk, I'm kind of sleepy.

Anyways this morning digging through my laptop bag I found this buddhist book I was reading a while back. And I'm so glad I found it because I was near the end of the last chapter and anyone could use some good uplifting reading material now and then.

Well inside it was some sketches I did of a ninja chicken who was orange cleverly named, "Orange Chicken". WORDPLAY, HA-LARIOUS! Well enjoy! Back to Seinfeld. See what I did there, I called it Seinfeld which was a show aboot nothing. And I'm DOING absolutely nothing...right now.

Justin, you are one clever son of a B.

*sketches were done with my trusty red pen and orange highlighter.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

JamBot: The Creative Process

I've noticed on some people's blogs and or deviant sites that they at least put up a post where they show the process of either designing a character or showing the pencil stage to the color stage. I thought I'd take a stab at doing one of those with a character I've been thinking aboot. I had this idea to design a robot based off of the look of an iPod. I also knew that when I was designing it, it was going to have speakers for shoulders and the feedback green to red bars on display. Also I wanted it to have a look like it was wearing head phones and had that body fluidity of a B-Boy.

With those specific designs in mind I began sketching. Now these sketches weren't done in one night. There was at a least two or three week gap of time from the first sketch to the second sketch. Sometimes I like to take a break from an idea if I find myself going no where with it.

When I started laying down solid pencils I thought it would be more interesting to keep the lines loose and sketchy as a way of giving this robotic character, which would seem very stiff and dull, a more organic and human quality given that it's characteristics were that of a break dancer.

At one point I thought it would be cool if he wore a bucket hat OR some kicks to give off the hip hop vibe, but I eventually I came up with this other idea. I thought it would be funny to incorporate the emoticons and text characters people use to describe a smiley face or a winking face.

After playing around with different body types I got to something I really liked. I laid them out from first sketch to final to final with colors. I think I might add this page to the new portfolio because it's a good study of the creative process for me. I like to see what I started with to where I ended up.

PS - I know its cliche to have a robot doing the robot...but thats what it does! It's JamBot!

Fun with photo @ work.

We had to photograph some water guns for an ad at work and afterwards we unleashed our inner action movie star. I present to you: Chow Too Fat in Hard Boiled...Eggs.

Character Portfolio

This is what I've been working on the past couple months:

I hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Pooh.

So I was filing an image at work and our server crashed. I drew this in the mean time. Pooh's gone off the deep end...he's a junkie for that honey.

Time to head home. Hanging out with Miss SoFly tonight. Yes!

This comic book store is Amazazazing!

Today I went back to the Amazing Fantasy comic book store on LaGrange Road in Frankfort, IL. They had what I was looking for, the AppleGeeks Vol.1: Freshmen Year TPB and I also picked up the Superman: Secret Identity story and the last issue of Yost's Killer of Demons.

Wow, I am quickly becoming quite the uber nerd. I feel like Jason Biggs in American Pie 2 when he says he was always a band nerd he just never joined the band. I always say I'm not that into comics and yet, I come home to a stack of books and trades that I have to read...and now I'm adding these to the pile. On top of that....I'm blogging aboot it.

Oh and they also gave me a frequent buyer card...I'm so screwed. BUT its an amazing store with a massive amount of stuff to buy ranging from toys, manga, rpg, poster, shirts, hats, etc. I suggest you make a stop in and check it oot.

I tossed in a quick sketch I did of Scarecrow in blue sharpie...

uhhhhhh I should probably get back to work. 'Til next time.

"Gilly" phone test

So going through the options on my blog I noticed I can set up an email to send pictures that will automatically post from my phone. [That's what I was looking how to do earlier] So this is a test to see if I setup the email correctly.  Since I can email from my G1 and add attachments, I thought I'd set up the blogger email justin case I ever want to post something with an attached sketch or photo on the fly.

So here's a quick sketch I did at work of the "Gilly" character from SNL. Nicole showed this to me one night on hulu and you tube and we were cracking up. Kristen Wiig is so funny with her deadpan but this character is so bizarre it'll have you el oh elling for realsies.

Crap I need to shower and get ready for work!

...ok I have to stop. This IS pretty addicting. If only I can post pics without converting from SMS to MMS in the process.
I guess this is useful 4 updating on the go when I'm not on my 'top or home pc. But I have to keep them short since it posts my texts "bass ackwards".
So I just checked my blog to see if it posted and it did in reverse. Then I realized...I am now twittering pretty much. Damnit!!
sketch" blog and that I can't post any pics from camera to it. Worth a try anyway. Aboot to start my glorious Wednesday!
This is a test to see if I can update my blog using my G1. I tried to send a picture too and it didn't work. So this is probably a waste having it be a "

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Jay Cas: Laundry Doer (kind of)

So I'm doing my first load of laundry tonight (1am) and I'm probably going to do just that haha. It's been a long day and I'm ready for bed but I need to make a dent in my pile of dirty clothes. I bought the movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop today along with 24: season 7 for Pop (even though the reason I really got it is to watch the season I missed the giving it to him as an early Father's Day present was the "bonus") I also picked up my portfolio prints from Staples today. They turned out pretty good. I marked down the pages I wanted to get reprinted. I'm still recovering from the past Sunday but I got an upcoming three day weekend so I can get some recovery time and chill with my family and the wonderful girlfriend. I'll definitely "Woo" to that. I really like this sketch. I might bring it into illustrator or photoslop and color it up pretty.

Til next time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Scott Pilgrim vs. My sketch blog!

So another series that I recently caught up with is Brian Lee O' Malley's Scott Pilgrim. It's the story of Scott Pilgrim and how he meets this girl named Ramona Flowers. In order for him to date her, he must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Awesome fights and hilarity ensues.

The reason I got into the series was because I heard Edgar Wright was doing a movie adaptation starring the great Michael Cera. So I thought I'd read the source material before the movie comes out which will have an impressive cast and also be a blend of live-action and animation. I'm really excited to see how they can pull it off. Michael Cera + Edgar Wright doesn't seem like a bad equation to me. And if you go to Edgar Wright's website, he is constantly uploading photos of the cast, crew, and sets. Check it out and I definitely recommend reading these books they are really funny and action packed.
I did this fan art for it, I might clean it up in photoshop and color it. Its more based on the movie look than the comic book manga look.

Superman that sketch!

I'm watching Superman Returns right now. I like this drawing except the pose I put him in isn't all that "superman-y". Ah well.

FCBD 2009 & Powers

On May 2nd, I attended my first Free Comic Book Day event at Amazing Fantasy in Frankfort, IL. I went because my favorite comic book artist, Skottie Young, was doing a signing there. I won't go in to deets, but he did strike up a convo with me about Oz and then I asked him to do a sketch of The Crow in his B-Sides sketchbook I purchased awhile back.

I was totally geeked when I gave him a copy of my children's book. I wasn't sure if he would take it but it WAS like the coolest thing ever. After I snapped a photo or two and browsed the store (20% off!) I walked away with some pretty cool shit. One of those things was the 12th Volume of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers.

So I've been reading Powers since the first TPB came out and I have to tell you it's still one of my favorite books after 12 volumes. I'm about a halfway through it and its really good. I love that they include all the sketches and covers for the individual issues at the tail end of the book.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I've been reading...

Today is new comic book day. Speaking of, today's sketches revolve around some books I've been getting into, Kirkman's Invincible and The Astounding Wolfman. The last sketch is for Josh Howard's Dead @ 17 which is coming out with an uber ultimate edition this month....score. So that's some of the stories I've been getting in to.

But anyways, I'm off.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek

I recently saw the new Star Trek movie and it was just plain awesome. I honestly wanted to fill you in on the rest of my weekend but I'm frustrated with my computer right now and I don't want to do anything else with it for the rest of the night.

Live long and prosper.

- j