Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fun with Sharpies!


I took a break from working on some new art to post on a few things.

I got my Slumdog replacement dvd in the mail yesterday. I checked it out and all the Special Features worked. Whoo hoo!

And today, I got my copy of the Creaturebox Sketchbook. Copies are limited so get them while you can!

Also, I created a Facebook group for the new book, "When You Were Little" so if you're on Facebook, hit up my profile and join. I even debuted the cover and posted links to my various project and portfolio sites.

Hmmm what else OH! I got a new phone and its total boss.

The weekend's going pretty good so far...scratch that AWESOME, haha. I got to meet Nicole's bffs and then tomorrow (Sunday) she's going with me to meet the Squad and should be a blast!

And Juliet came to visit today and she's even more adorable the more I see her. She's smiling more and she lights up a room.

So, the subject to this post is exactly that. It was a slow work day(Friday) for me and I started messing around with some sharpies, blue, red, and black, to be exact. So tell me which ones are your faves? I like how Catwoman, Harley, and Bats turned out. I seem "convention" ready. hehehe.

Later guys!

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