Friday, March 13, 2009

Sketchin is DA BOOMMMB

Hi all!

Ok this is the last time I'm going to apologize for not posting in a long long time. I'm just going to post when I can and as of right now, I can. I think I've apologized the past 5 posts and barely any of them had some actual art work in it.

Let's just say I've been pretty busy and a lot of great things have happened since then. From my last post, you know of the new addition to the family and she's been a blessing. I'm pretty happy at the moment but I am trying to bust my ass and get a move on with something I can call a "career". So if I'm away from this thing it's hopefully because I'm building towards a better professional future.

So here's a sketch I did at work. I used to post sketches I did at work al the time but not so much anymore...hopefully I can get back into posting more art and ranting less. It IS a after all, a sketch blog. ENJOY!

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