Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guess who finally watched The Watchmen

Decided to catch the 9:25pm show of The Watchmen after work, dinner, and more work. I went in there "blind" and the verdict is I really liked it. Even though I talked about it a bunch with the Squad and new the ending I think my interest only peaked til after talking to some people. I wasn't really that excited that it was coming out. I think it would've made for a better mini-series like a Band of Brothers or something.

The action choreography was excellent and the opening credits are amazing. The choices in cast were perfect. I have to say Zack Synder makes visually arresting films.

My only gripe is the bad guy looks like a ken doll, a college fraternity preppy sweater vest wearing ass clown. He wasn't sinister or evil enough to me. I can see why Synder chose the meaningful music that he used throughout the film. I also knew that he stayed very true to the original novel (so I'm told) and it's underlining themes.

I'd watch it again....could've used less blue dongage. But whatevs.

Here's a quick pen and highlighter sketch I did at work.

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