Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

So the weekend consisted of Sushi, My Best Friend's Girl, and an Office mini-thon. We (Josie, Ni, and myself) went out for Josie's 25th Bday (which is actually 2morrow). We had dinner at this Sushi restaurant, Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge. SOOooooo good.

Afterward, we hit up the AMC next door and watched Dane Cook's latest attempt at film, My Best Friend's Girl. (There pick not mine) BUT surprisingly enough I enjoyed the film. It was like if Dane Cook was doing stand up and they just built this movie around his punch lines. So based on that you'll either think it's utter shit, flat out awesome, or mildy awesome and not THAT shitty. I thought it was mildly awesome and not THAT shitty. Jason Biggs was kind of a throw away character. He was more like a device to introduce the two main characters. Alec Baldwin was genius. The ending was weak sauce and the "romantic" element took a backseat when you were watching Dane be the "hired" asshole. (best segments of the film.) It was pretty vulgar and that's how Dane's stand up is. So I'm gonna assume this is his funniest movie since I haven't seen Employee of the Month or Good Luck Chuck because those are PG-13 and Dane's type of comedy is funnier with the profanity. So if you're a fan of the SuFi you'll probably mildy enjoy this film. It got me to laugh.

Yesterday I finished up some new inks and colored new pages. Later in the evening my friend, Nicole stopped by and we finished off the 2nd season of The Office and got a couple episodes in of the 3rd. She's been wanting to get into the series so for the past couple of weeks we've been having these mini-thons starting from the beginning up to season 4. Also, this entire weekend I've been watching Desperate Housewives season 4 since like Friday. I'm about halfway through. I've realized that with the exception of pretty much NBC's Thursday night lineup and a few shows on ABC, I only watch TV on dvd. It's SO much better because you dont have to wait week after week. You can watch a block of episodes while folding laundry or working on the PC...just have it on the background. All I do is just draw and watch TV or listen to podcasts. It's awesome. The premiere of Desperate Housewives season 5 was last night and I'm probably not gonna watch that season until it's out on the DViDs. I've been good at not finding out what happens because I just avoid reading the tv guide or the spoilers online.

Today I slept in a little, hit the gym, and getting into some work, took a break and thought I'd update this thing. Oh check this out:
Summer movie season is over and as you can tell...I was busy. The superhero movies totally dominated this year. I took an "artsy" photo but there's about 30+ tickets in there. Some are repeats since I've seen Dark Knight 5x. Maybe a 6th? heh.


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