Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marker scribbles and what I've been up to...

Hey all,

It's been way too long. I haven't been up to much, just working a lot on my book projects and at my photo job. I'm planning to hit this children's book thing full force and I've been doing the research and gettin' the knowledge so hopefully I can make some big moves with it. Wish me luck.

I saw the movie, Hamlet 2, on Monday. If you don't remember it was pretty rainy and definitely a stay at home kind of day. However, that's all I usually do so I went out to catch a flick. It was really funny and I must say it's not for everyone but it was just an odd ball movie. The performances were uneven and so was the writing but I think that was it's intention. Basically it's about a failed actor who decides to teach drama at a high school and in this year's coming term, the student administration decides to cancel drama. So with the approval of his kid critic, he decides to write the best play ever in order to "save" drama as an elective at the high school.

Hilarity ensues.

Out of the three people that saw it with me, only two of the them laughed. I think I was laughing the most though. The movie is funniest in its last act when they actually put on the play. I don't think a lot of people I know would find it funny but I tend to like these off the wall type of comedies. I especially loved the genius casting of Elisabeth Shue as...Elisabeth Shue.

Stuff I've Bought

Well seeing how I've been busy buying shit for my art studio, I haven't bought dvds/cds in the last two or three weeks. Sadly, that has ended because The Office Season 4 came out recently. And yesterday I bought The Forbidden Kingdom and Gym Class Heroes' sophmore effort, The Quilt. I also found out that Kevin Smith plans on only releasing a supplemental to Chasing Amy's Criterion Collection DVD instead of doing a whole Chasing Amy X set like he did with Mallrats and the original Clerks. So knowing this, I went out and picked up Chasing Amy since I've been wanting to watch it for weeks and I never owned.

Then I drew stuff

About the drawings, I played around with a black marker at work the other day and whipped up some loose sketches. I did one of Venom and Eric Draven. Hope you digs....yeah yeah ALL that talking for two lil doodles. "SHUT YO YAPP!"

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