Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Boondocked" and Helljay!

Hey All!!

So I got some funny doodles today...I know it seems lately I've just been drawing me but a lot of the new stuff I've been drawing are geared towards "Book Too" and I'm not at liberty to share all that yet...maybe little snippets. A lil' preview...sometime soon. I promise I'll put something awesome out soon. I haven't even touched my deviant art in a long while because I've been trying to get my projects in motion.

But anyways, I was watching the Boondocks Season 2 (awesome) and I did this sketch of me all "boondocky" like. And the other one is if I were Hellboy...I think I'd be a cool Hellboy, all happy and giving you the thumbs up, but I'd be orange instead of red..hmmm I'm on to something here...

Well, enjoy!!

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